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News from Havana, Cuba

Find here the latest news reports from the peace process, straight from Havana, Cuba. Permanently updated. 
Friday, 09 March 2018 08:06

We will continue to fight for a New Colombia

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We publish here the press release by the FARC:

The People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force declare that:

1.- We decided to participate in the electoral process in response to our commitment to the Havana Agreements, despite the fact that the Congress of the Republic prevented the implementation of a political-electoral reform to the clientelist, corrupt and mafioso regime that rules the country; to which was added its refusal to approve the 16 special Peace Constituencies.

2.- We have assumed with determination our aspiration to contribute to overcome any link between violence and politics, although since the signing of the Final Agreement more than 50 ex-guerrillas or their families and more than 250 social leaders have been killed.

3.- We started our campaign despite the fact that nearly 600 ex-combatants, today members of our Party, are in prisons without being favored by the Amnesty Law. Likewise, without the financing conditions being enabled, which were generated a few days ago, but with unusual restrictions by the Agrarian Bank, which exercises an illegal function of preventive auditing and co-administration of our resources.

In open discrimination, we were denied any possibility of legal financing, other than the State one. We have also had to listen to unfounded stories and accounts by the Prosecutor's Office on presumed assets that had clearly an electoral tinge against us.

4.- We were forced to a temporary suspension of the campaign due to the absence of guarantees and, particularly, because of the attacks against our presidential candidate, Rodrigo Londoño, Timo, instigated by sectors of the Democratic Center, which threatened his personal integrity and led us to think that a more serious attack could be brewing.

We proposed to all political and social forces the need for a great national political agreement for the definitive overcoming of all links between violence and politics. Subsequent events occurred in other campaigns and have given us the reason and indicate that the aforementioned proposal has full force.

5.- In the midst of these conditions, we persist in our electoral participation with the firm conviction about the need for a government of transition of great national convergence, whose programmatic contents have been raised by our formula Timo - Imelda Daza.

6. Circumstances widely known by public opinion about the recovery process of our candidate Timo, after the surgery performed on 7 March, together with those already mentioned on the features of the electoral contest, have led us to decline our presidential aspiration.

We thank Timo and Imelda for accepting our nomination, both knowing the structural limits that alternative forces for the exercise of politics and electoral participation have.

7.- We express our willingness to dialogue with all political sectors in order to build bridges to realize the perspective of a great national convergence.

We invite you to vote this Sunday, March 11, for our closed lists to the Senate and Chamber, marking the red rose.

The people of the common will count in the Congress of the Republic with a robust bench that will work tirelessly for the purposes of democratic peace with social justice.

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