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Monday, 05 March 2018 08:46

The Party of the Rose that shook the Valley

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Nothing prevented crowds coming from all strata and social sectors to accompany the new way of making politics inaugurated by the #FARC.

There were conspiracies marked by hatred, lies, disinformation and economic suffocation due to the delay in the delivery of resources for the electoral campaign. But everything was overcome, in the end the strength of the common people triumphed over hatred, deceit and conspiracy.

We are the common people, we are the voice of hope: this was confirmed by the FARC in its closing of campaign for #Senado and # House of Representatives held in the city of #Cali this Saturday, March 3, which filled the hall of events of the Boquería.

"The candidates that we are here today, and in different regions of the country, are part of a party born to build peace, to reconcile #Colombia; reconcile Colombia so that democracy is born. Because to sow democracy is to later reap justice and Good Living; all a difficult route of what we dreamed more than 50 years ago, and today we continue to dream: the New Colombia in peace and with social justice ".

The event was also attended by candidates for the Luis Alberto Albán Urbano Chamber (Marco León Calarcá), Harold Ordoñez Botero, Gisela Díaz, Luisa Fernanda Jaramillo Angulo, Emilce Muñoz Villamil, Alvaro Guaza Carabali, Oscar Holman Echeverry Herrera, Maria Edith Patiño Guerrero , Eddie Lenis Martinez, Gustavo Arbelaez and Maria Lucelly Urbano.

During the closure, the government's non-compliances and lack of guarantees for the exercise of the FARC's political and electoral campaign occupied a place in the speeches.

"And let's not talk about the string of official lies about the financing of the campaign, which even today in the closing acts throughout the country, does not flow properly because of the bureaucratic obstacles and the political interest to prevent the new way of doing politics as an expression of national majorities ", denounced Calarcá.

The political act was marked by experiences and memories, memories of love that led to fight for the people.

"In my younger years I fell in love with this fight. And now I go back to that love, not as a commander or candidate, but as the young man who, when he joined the guerrillas, did not know how to walk on the mountain or cut firewood, but later learned," recalled Catatumbo, in the middle of the rally the people of the common enjoyed and that was animated by groups and artists like #CantoSur, #ClanR, # DynastyCampe, #Henry, #BlackStevan and Martín Batalla.

Finally, #Catatumbo called heartfelt and sincerely to strengthen the unity of the party.

"I appeal from the most basic, from the deepest, from the most human, from my closest and distant memories, and make a call to strengthen this party, to strengthen our unity, to overcome everything that separates us from fraternity, of solidarity and love, feelings so necessary for the unity of the party," he concluded.

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