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Friday, 17 November 2017 20:07

Open Letter to President Santos

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Bogotá, 16 November 2017

Mr Juan Manuel Santos Calderon, President of the Republic
Palace of Nariño, Bogotá.

Mr. President:

I send you a patriotic greeting, accompanied by the hope that the wonderful dream of peace for our country will finally be able to nest and spread throughout Colombia.

I will begin by referring to your words on the night of November 14. Before your vehement call to the Congress of the Republic, you said something completely true, "Caring for peace, building peace, consolidating peace, is the best inheritance we can leave to our children and to future generations." In that we agree fully.

I could even tell him that these others words too impressed us, "As I said to Timochenko the first time I saw him: possibly I will never agree with your way of thinking but- if you leave your weapons and commit yourselves to the truth and to the victims - I would get killed to make sure you can express your opinions freely in the forums of democracy."

We are not going to ask you to offer your life as a guarantee of compliance with what was agreed in Havana and finally signed in Bogotá, it is not about that, Mr. President. But we do want to ask you to devote your attention to answering our alarms for what was presented with the Constitutional Court ruling and what was approved on the night of November 15 by the Senate of the Republic.

More than concerns, the members of the new party born into political life as a result of compliance with everything agreed in Havana, are alarmed to a maximum degree, not only by the breaches by the State in multiple agreed upon matters, but above all because of the audacity with which different institutions have been acting in open contradiction with the Final Agreement, to the point of modifying it in essential aspects.

Proof of this are the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court and the vote taken in the Senate on the night of November 15, both demonstrating an open will to impose their criteria, in a kind of extemporaneous and unilateral renegotiation of what much effort caused us to agree in five years of intense debates at the Negotiations Table.

More than publicly stirring up things in a letter, we are very interested in talking with you personally, Mr. President, in the shortest possible time, in order to address the issues that deeply affect us and the effective consolidation of peace in the country. Someone said that fifty percent of what would be achieved at the Quito Table would be the fulfillment of what was agreed with the FARC by the Colombian State. I do not think it to be very wrong.

Allow me therefore to ask you, in the most respectful, but sincere way, to hold an urgent meeting that will allow us to find the formula to take care of, build and consolidate the peace we have sealed with so many difficulties in the Havana Agreements.
Stormy winds blow over the Colombian peace process and we consider it urgent to find for them a reasonable exit.

Needless to say, you have my total disposition to travel to where you consider it necessary.


Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry

President People's Alternative Revolutionary Force

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