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Sunday, 11 December 2016 00:00

Monitoring and Verification Mechanism assesses situation

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Bearing in mind that the FARC-EP has recently ensured that the Government has failed to comply and that the grouping areas have not been conditioned, the amnesty law has not yet been processed, nor has the special jurisdiction for peace law being discussed;

the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (MM&V) called on all parties to act expeditiously to condition the Zones and Points as stipulated in the agreement. This is the balance presented by the MM&V, after the endorsement of the peace agreement and the designation of December 1 as the D-Day that marks the beginning of the calendar of compliance with the agreement on the bilateral ceasefire and cessation of hostilities and decommissioning of arms. There it announces a series of pending challenges for everything to take comply with. 


1. After multiple technical visits, liaison with local authorities and communities, are identified and delimited the 27 temporary Zones and Transitory Points of Standardization, where the fulfillment of the commitments reached in the Final Agreement will be implemented.

2. The National Government and the FARC-EP have shared with the United Nations Mission - the international component of the MM&V - the deployment of their forces on the field to facilitate the observation and coordination of their movements.

3. From before D + 5 and in compliance with the Protocol of the Bilateral and Definitive Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities of 13 October, the structures of the FARC-EP began to move towards the Zones and Points.

4. The deployment of the Mechanism and the integration of its three components has been carried out at the National Headquarters of the MM & V and in six of its eight Regional Headquarters.

5. The training of all its members, Government, FARC-EP and the UN Mission, has been completed.

6. The Mechanism has been able to carry out verifications of relevant incidents, which in some cases constituted violations of the Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities. On these in particular, the MM&V issued recommendations to the parties to improve procedures and thus ensure the CFHBD. At the same time, the MM&V acknowledges that the outcome of the October 2 plebiscite involved legal constraints for both the Government and the United Nations, which have had an impact on the administrative, technical and logistical preparations for the implementation of the Agreement on CFHBD and DA. As a result, and considering the logistical difficulties that arise from the number and geographical location of the Zones and Points, the MM&V notes major challenges in several areas, which must be addressed urgently:

1. First, the proper preparation and set up of the FARC-EP camps in the Zones and Points.

2. The logistical efforts to improve attention to the needs of the pre-grouped members of the FARC-EP in accordance with the Protocol of 13 October.

3. The deployment of the Mechanism in the Regional Headquarters of Medellín and Quibdó, and the 27 Local Offices, located in the Zones and Points. This process begins this week, thanks to the establishment of temporary camps, but will require continuous care to be completed by Day+30.

4. The MM & V also recognizes the need to improve its functioning, easing its movements to optimize the monitoring and verification work and strengthen the flow of internal information as well as between the parties.

Source: http://prensarural.org/spip/spip.php?article20664

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