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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Thursday, 12 April 2018 00:00

Statement on the capture of our comrade Jesús Santrich

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People's Alternative Revolutionary Force

1.- With the capture of our comrade Jesús Santrich, the peace process is at its most critical point and threatens to be a true failure. To the clear breaches by the State, we must now add a new situation that we had considered since Congress, on account of the perverse actions of the Attorney General, started to dismantle the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.

2.- Santrich’s detention is part of a plan orchestrated by the Government of the United States and supported by the Colombian Prosecutor's Office, whose recent elaborations were arranged during the recent visit of the director of this accusing body to the USA. This plan threatens to spread to the entire staff of ex commanders of the FARC, with the purpose of decapitating the political direction of our Party and burying the desire for peace of the Colombian people. While this being a humiliating subordination of the Colombian justice, it is also clear that we are facing another hoax of the crooked US justice, just like the trials against Simon Trinidad. They intend to extradite and judge Santrich for the alleged attempt to commit a drug crime.

3.- Faced with the evidence that the transnational corporate business of cocaine, because of its very nature, could not disappear with the Peace Agreement, because the FARC-EP was not the cause of it, and it not only continued but also acquired renewed impulses, it was necessary to find a pretext that justified the new version of the failed "war on drugs". And it could not be other than the extension of our alleged criminal activities, to further prevent the conquered right to political participation, including representation in Congress.

4.- This is a terrible message of noncompliance for the ex-guerrilla fighters who are now in the Territorial Areas for Training and Reincorporation, with whom we had a successful meeting last weekend, during which the unwavering will to build peace was reaffirmed, in spite of so much adversity. We invite all of them to remain calm, not to respond to the provocation and not allow the honor and dignity of the FARC to be sullied any further. It is indisputable that they try to force the collapse of the process to justify the continuation of violence.

5.- In this difficult moment in which the summary media conviction of the political leadership and of the Presidency of the Republic itself has been put into operation, we call for the solidarity of all sectors of Colombian society that have supported the agreements not to cease in the effort to prevent the peace process from being taken to the abyss. We urge the Presidency of the JEP to exercise the autonomy of the procedures indicated in transitory Article 19 of Legislative Act 01 of 2017. To the President of the Republic, to comply with the agreement and the word pledged, recently endorsed; we request an emergency meeting.

6.- To the guarantor countries, Cuba and Norway, to the Second Mission of the United Nations, to the European Union and in general to the entire international community, we ask for their accompaniment and contribution to ensure that the procedures of the JEP are being applied with rigor; we also request an urgent meeting.

7.- To Jesus Santrich all our solidarity. We know he has a will of steel. Our support for the hunger strike he initiated and his call to be accompanied by the prisoners of war who are still in the prisons of the regime. Santrich can not be the trophy to be delivered to Trump during his visit to Colombia.

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