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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Saturday, 17 March 2018 18:31

About the Parliamentary Elections

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With respect to the parliamentary elections held on March 11, the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force-FARC,


1.- Once again we fully complied with the Havana agreements as to our commitments on political participation, despite having had to conduct an election campaign in the midst of immense and very diverse difficulties, widely known by the public opinion.

2.- The development of the electoral process and the results of the elections reaffirm the need to advance in a political-electoral reform of a structural nature, such as that foreseen in the Final Agreement, in order to overcome corrupt and clientelistic practices and provide conditions of equity to all the political forces that participate in the political contest, particularly to the organizations committed to alternative political projects.

3.- Although the electoral results did not modify in an essential way the structure of the Congress of the Republic, generating rather a reallocation of seats among the parties of the establishment, an important advance must be registered in the representation of democratic sectors and of the left, particularly in the Senate. To those sectors and to all those who have made the causes of the construction of peace their own, we offer them our recognition.

4.- Our bench of five Senators and five Representatives to the Chamber will focus its parliamentary action on the pending reforms of the process of implementation of the agreements, as well as on the presentation and processing of legislative projects that contribute to generating better living conditions and of existence for the great majority. Likewise, we will fully exercise the function of political control.

5.-We will offer our representation to contribute in the conformation of a parliamentary block of wide convergence that responds to the requirements of the moment our country is undergoing. The perspective of democratic reform in different aspects of national life is fully valid.

6.- We wholeheartedly thank our supporters and the citizens that accompanied with their vote our programmatic proposals. To our militants, to the whole FARC, to the campaign teams the maximum recognition for their tireless work and unwavering commitment. All of them fill us with courage and hope to continue with determination the new stage of the struggle that we undertook with the signing of the Final Agreement and to realize the programmatic purposes that guide our political action. We will continue the construction and strengthening of the Party and we will fully commit ourselves to the pending tasks of the reincorporation.

7.- Under the understanding that we do not define ourselves exclusively as an electoral party, we express our desire and firm conviction to accompany the social and popular struggles throughout the national territory; we will be present in the just causes of the mobilization and the protest of the common people, and we will contribute to the constituent dynamics generated by social and popular movements.


Bogotá, D.C., March 12, 2018

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