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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Friday, 23 February 2018 00:00

Call for non violence Pact in the Electoral Campaign

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A common feature of any peace agreement is that those who have resorted to the armed uprising for the transformation of the social order, desist from it and make the abandonment of weapons to enter legal life and continue their purposes through an open and democratic political debate.

In our case, we signed the Havana agreements, under the understanding that with its implementation, conditions must be generated to undertake a cycle of reforms historically demanded by Colombian society.

As a component of them, certain conditions were agreed upon for our political participation.
We recognise the approval of the constitutional framework that gave legal life to the Party, defined exceptional conditions of representation in Congress and funding; furthermore we recognise, the creation and implementation of the special jurisdiction for peace, to which, despite its notorious alterations, we continue to refer.

We have fully complied with the agreement and despite manifest breaches in the implementation of the Final Agreement, we decided to participate in the current electoral contest. The restrictions and limitations are enormous:

- The electoral regime, corrupt and based on clientelism, has not undergone any modification, because the political-electoral reform was disfigured and drowned in the Congress;

- More than 500 members of our organisation are still in jail, making us one of the parties that emerged from a peace agreement with more political prisoners;

- There are not enough safety guarantees provided in the agreement; neither for our members, nor for the social leaders, nor for the communities in the territories. The number of our militants who have been assassinated is already over 50 after the signing of the Final Agreement; in the case of social leaders, the figure reaches 218.

- There has been no transfer of resources for the financing of the Party, nor for the financing of the campaign.
Even so, we have put ourselves to the level the historic moment requires, in order to consolidate the perspective of democratic peace with social justice, national reconciliation, and to offer with our programmatic proposals a response to the serious problems that affect the economy and the Colombian people.  
Our presidential candidacy, headed by Rodrigo Londoño, Timo, and those of the General Assembly are the manifestation of that purpose.

To the indicated conditions and restrictions, we must add events of orchestrated sabotage carried out against our campaign, which transcend the legitimate right to dissent and protest, and have led to undesirable acts of political violence.

Failure to control this in time and let it escalate, as happened in the past, can lead to a new political genocide and the unleashing of a new cycle of violence.
Such events are sponsored by decentralised but coordinated criminal structures of a fascist nature, which are echoed in various expressions of the far right, systematically opposed first to the political solution, and now to the prospect of overcoming the war and enter a new stage of democratic construction of the society.

We have been forced to temporarily suspend our electoral campaign in the territories. We will maintain this suspension until we see a significant change in the aforementioned adverse circumstances.

Meanwhile, we have agreed:

- To convene political parties and movements, social organisations, ethnic peoples, the media, churches to promote and accompany a national political agreement to overcome any link between violence and politics;

- To coordinate an urgent meeting between the National Government and our National Political Council, in order to establish mechanisms and actions tending to generate conditions at least acceptable for our political action and participation;

- To request a meeting with the representatives of the guarantor countries and with the second United Nations Mission, in order to expose our concerns about the diverse problems of political reincorporation and the perspective of the peace agreement;

- To conduct consultation and exchange meetings with the various organised expressions of civil society.

- Meanwhile we will advance peace pedagogy activities throughout the national territory.

 To the victims of the conflict, we reiterate the commitment to assume our responsibilities and fulfill the purposes of comprehensive reparation, under the conditions set forth in the Final Agreement, as we expect all those who participated directly or indirectly in the long and painful military conflict to do.

To the people, to the Colombians, we reaffirm our commitment to qualify the democratic political struggle and to fight with all possible passion for the achievement of the transformations that our society demands.

For a Transition Government for Change and Reconciliation

National Political Council - FARC

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