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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Friday, 19 January 2018 08:28

Two former FARC guerrillas murdered in Antioquia

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It is with extreme pain and indignation that we received the news of the murder of two of our comrades in the municipality of Peque, in western Antioquia.

Wilmar Asprilla and Ángel de Jesús Montoya were in this municipality holding a meeting with the community and preparing an electoral campaign meeting of the candidate to the House of Representatives for Antioquia Wilman de Jesús Cartagena Durango.

The community denounces that at 11 o'clock at night several shots were heard in a parking lot. The police went to the place where they found the two former guerrillas without life.

The candidate for the Congress, for personal reasons could not attend the meeting, a fact that saved him from being murdered. We do not know those responsible for this serious violation of peace.

Wilmar and Angel were active militants of the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force. They were committed men who were in constant struggle for the construction of a more just and peaceful Colombia. We express our deepest condolences to their family and friends.

The former guerrillas of the FARC-EP and members of the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force have been the object of constant persecution by armed actors that seek to destabilize the implementation of the peace agreements and generate fear and anxiety among those of us who believe in the path of reconciliation: indeed to date more than 30 former guerrillas have been killed.

We see with concern that the culture of physical elimination of political opposition continues to be a reality in Colombia, and that security guarantees are not provided - as indeed agreed -for to the new political party that emerged from the transformation of the FARC to be able to exercise their right to participate in the political life of the country.

Complying with the agreement reached in Havana, we have been holding meetings with the communities aimed at socialising our political proposal.

We call on the Colombian State and the competent authorities to speak out against the systematic murders not only of our comrades, but also of social leaders and human rights defenders, and take measures so that political genocide is not repeated as it happened with the Unión Patriótica.

In addition, it is necessary and urgent to comply with the Peace Agreement and procede to  dismantle the paramilitary structures.

May peace not cost us any more death!

Medellín, Antioquia, 17 January 2017

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