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Victoria Sandino Palmera is member of the Peace Delegation and she is part of its Gender Subcommission 
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:00

...About gender perspective in the peace process

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By Victoria Sandino Palmera, Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP.

Building peace with social justice must be assumed from a gender perspective, and the conditions of Colombian women in different spaces of society must be established. This way, we can guarantee that all points discussed and agreed at the Peace Talks will contain initiatives to overcome historical inequalities and inequities in this area.

With the proposals made by the FARC-EP, we seek to close the gap of inequality of the rural population, ensure the full exercise of politics and democratic participation of all social sectors and address the causes that led to the violence in Colombia, which has been going on for more than 60 years.

"To focus on the role of women does not mean the devaluation of men"

Similarly, the peace process and peoples' struggles should help level and recognize as equally important the responsibility of women in social reproduction, understood as the responsibility for their families and homes. This should be at the same level as the productive work of all women and especially that of the urban poor, rural, indigenous and Afro-descendant ones. It is necessary to enable them to play an important role in political participation, in economic and social decision-making, and resource management in conditions of equity.

To focus on the role of women does not mean the devaluation of men; by contrast, it should represent the building of a truly democratic, pluralistic, just and sovereign country, both by men and by women.

To achieve this desired purpose, it is necessary to transform social relations towards a society in which economic, political, social and environmental rights are fully guaranteed by the State; transfer the accumulation of social responsibilities - now borne by women - to the whole of society, such as the care for children, the elderly and the sick; food, clothing, education, etc..

"Free from these burdens, women could break domestic servitude and develop their full potential as creative, productive and important members of society, not only as reproductive beings devoted to domestic issues," said Lenin almost a century ago.

"We want a real political participation, from a class and popular gender perspective"

The peace process is an important stage to begin to compensate the huge gap of inequality and discrimination against women. Therefore, in the FARC-EP and subsequently in its Peace Delegation, we highly value and support women who are fighting for their own demands - and for social justice at the same time; for well-being and good living conditions of the whole population.

We want a real political participation, from a class and popular gender perspective. It should influence the political spaces of the popular movement and the different scenarios of public policies, in conditions of equity, where women can play a leading role. And, in this way, advance towards the transformation of the relations of patriarchal and capitalist oppression and exploitation.

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