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Timoleón Jiménez is the head of the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP and its Central High Command 
Sunday, 14 January 2018 09:29

2018 will be the year of change and transformation, Timochenko

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The Nobel Prize candidate in Economics, Albert Berry, says in his recent book "Advance and Failure in the Colombian Agriculture, XX and XXI Centuries" that by the year 1936 "the big landowners mounted a sophisticated campaign against the government that showed the hostility of the elite towards any intervention by the State in matters related to the land, stating that the Government was trying to destroy private property and warned about the threat of a revolution."

The problem was resolved in favor of the landowners and Colombia lost the opportunity to go on the path of inclusion, peace and progress.

On the contrary, the conditions for armed confrontation were generated. The Colombian countryside was covered in blood and death. The great popular leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán was assassinated, like more than 300 thousand people. Almost 20% of the peasant population was displaced, losing their plots, farms and other possessions. Again defeated and banished, the peasants disperse through the national territory colonizing new lands and widening the agricultural border.

In Marquetalia, Riochiquito, El Pato, Guayabero and many other regions these peasants settled to produce the land: as their only help they have the experience, the permanent sacrifice, the solidarity between them and the deep conviction that from the State they can only expect repression and injustice.
They could not collect many harvests as they thought, because the incendiaries (literally) speeches in the Congress of the Republic of the conservative leader Álvaro Gómez Hurtado, together with the new American policy of the "internal enemy", ignited the next war against the peasants. The young Alvaro spoke of "independent republics", of liberated zones, of the loss of sovereignty of the State, all these fallacies against a handful of displaced peasants cornered in the fold of a mountain.

The heroic resistance of 48 peasants produced the formidable guerrilla force of the FARC-EP that was deployed throughout the country for more than 50 years, putting the reactionary powers in Colombia in check.

Half a century after the bloody confrontation, the Government of Juan Manuel Santos and the guerrilla of the FARC-EP, together with the international community as guarantor, signed a Peace Agreement, which was received and welcomed with joy by the vast majority of the Colombian people.

At gunpoint, in Colombia we had learned the value of democracy, of social justice and the cost of economic backwardness. We learned and changed. Álvaro Gómez Hurtado himself died being another: critical of the institutionality, promoter of political pacts and convinced that "things can be otherwise" (1).

Unfortunately there are those who try to corrupt the thread of history and repeat obsolete positions that cost the country so much. The young Rodrigo Lara is today the Álvaro Gómez of the last century, the latter at least defended the political class to which he belonged, Lara is defending the intellectual responsible for the murder of his father.

Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, the father, is a hero. Perhaps the last minister of justice who honored his position, for that reason they killed him, he did not let himself to be bought, he denounced Álvaro Uribe Vélez, owner of one of the aircraft found in Tranquilandia, the largest cocaine laboratory in history.
As an altruistic man, when he was very young he shouted at the same Congress where his son today opposes the peace seats for the victims: “Democracy is not defended by running over Human Rights". We do not fear the son, because we have in the father the inspiration to fight tirelessly for the better country he dreamed of.

Convinced that the Agreement opens the difficult road of building a better nation, where we all fit, where thinking differently or fighting against the underworld is not a reason to die.
We will dismantle, one by one, the obstacles to the implementation of peace reforms. With the strength of the conscience of millions of young people always ready to fight for their future, with the experience of millions of other workers who know how to achieve it, with the heroism of millions of peasants who resisted the war, with academics and intellectuals, poets, actresses, with the best of the Armed Forces and Police in the service of the Homeland and not of mafioso and corrupt landlords.

We know that no country in the world has been transformed from one day to the next. Even the creation of the world took God seven days and to be exact "seven periods."
In no way can these be solar days be because those were created by God, says the legend, only until the fourth day. So we do not know for sure how long the Genesis had taken, nor whether there was against this forms of uribism, ordoñismo, paramilitarism that is the same but different, 526 years of submission to foreign interests and forces, although it is said that at the time of the creation "there was darkness".

We all have to do it again because as it is, it does not work. And that takes time, you have to awaken creativity and organization of society at all levels.
You have to take advantage of the fact that today in Colombia the issues are debated everywhere, there is no corner of the country where the most serious problems of society are not debated: health, work, housing, corruption, education, culture.

Most Colombians reject the Congress, the old political parties, the media, justice, the businessmen.
In other words, Colombians do not believe in the State or its institutions.
That is the real crisis and at the same time the great opportunity for change.

The new People’s Party, as a revolutionary party must see clearly the historical moment of transformation in Colombia and in the world.

Our political project is the one of the political, economic and social demands of the new Colombian nation, of social justice, of equity, of opportunities for all, it is full freedom for blacks, whites, pink and with little lines.

Never the future of the People’s Party had been so certain, because we have never existed by the handouts of anyone, because we have built the reason for our being shoulder to shoulder with millions of Colombians: that is our history and our certainty.

We will win!

Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry / Timo
President of the People's Alternative Revolutionary Party

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