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Timoleón Jiménez is the head of the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP and its Central High Command 
Friday, 21 July 2017 00:00

Brazil: Under the scope of world powers

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The democratic and progressive aspirations of the peoples of Our America have just suffered a frontal blow in the Federative Republic of Brazil. In a first instance court decision, former president Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, who was foisted with corruption and money laundering, was sentenced to nine years in prison.

It is not hard to have all kinds of suspicions when looking at the fact that the worker and popular leader who has just been sentenced, is in turn the man that all the polls recognize as the virtual winner at the presidential elections scheduled for next year in our sister republic. He is also precisely the undisputed leader of a political and social movement that is adverse to the interests of big capital and its domination model in the continent.

The judicial decision affecting Lula da Silva appears to be the first step in preventing the return of the Workers' Party and its coalition, something that has occurred just a few months after the scandalous removal from office of President Dilma Rousseff. We cannot forget that a derisory vote in the Congress of her country ended up having more value than the votes of 54 million Brazilians who chose her in the polls. Today, the verdict of a single magistrate pretends to have more weight than the will of the majority of the people of Brazil.

It is evident that after the Organization of American States issued its Democratic Charter -through which even the United States government committed itself to condemn any coup d'état against any member government of the organization- the old practice of using military force to overthrow governments and crush peoples was replaced by one in which with a mask of legality it aims to destabilize and burry legitimate governments. Dilma's own case is added to the list that includes Honduras and Paraguay, as well as failed attempts against Presidents Chavez, Correa and Evo in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia respectively.

In the same way, it is a fact that both the overthrown from power and those who have been attacked, are leading alternative government programs that are opposed to the submission of their countries to the omnipotent will of multilateral organizations such as the IMF, the World Bank or the World Trade Organization. Practically from the day of their possession they all began to be the target of the angry attacks on part of the great press of their countries in alliance with transnational information chains, all linked to powerful economic corporations unconditionally defending the neoliberal policies that are plundering our peoples.

It is not a secret that the cancer of corruption, fundamentally linked to the great business of multinational corporations in countries where the instructions of the principal centers of world capital are rigorously followed -and which is manifested in the visible enrichment of officials linked to the highest government or to their families- does not produce the scandals which, on the other hand, are successively and coincidentally occurring in the case of people's governments who are accused and condemned by means of dubious procedures in which the refusal to appreciate the evidence in their defense is reiterated.

First, they are accused of being corrupt in order to be able to take them out of office, but if such a course of action is not enough, all sorts of financial, economic, commercial and political maneuvers are unleashed against them to declare them opprobrious dictatorships, against which the idea of ​​foreign military intervention "that will come to restore democracy" is proposed, as it is happening today against Bolivarian and Chavista Venezuela.

The mere fact that the first instance judge has decided to not deprive former President Lula of his freedom until the second instance judge's final decision, -for which he invokes the necessary prudence in order to avoid serious commotions in the country- is clear indicative of the political nature of his ruling and of his conscience on the serious repercussions that his decision can cause for the country, as expressed in his ruling.

As we are ready to enter into the political world of legality covered by the sum of guarantees promised by the regime with which we have agreed a Final Agreement, we cannot remain indifferent to what happens in Brazil with the cases of Dilma and Lula. In Colombia, where the ruling classes did not hesitate to plunge the country into a sea of ​​blood in order to prevent Jorge Eliécer Gaitán's access to the presidency [in 1948], and where today they make obstacles that seek to avoid the presidential aspiration of Gustavo Petro [a progressive polititian and presidential pre-candidate], we know that we will face all kinds of ambushes and low blows. In fact, the poisonous daily declarations on part of the Attorney General shows us how hard it will be for us to be able to make our proposals to the people.

We know that the people of Brazil will react with energy to the pretensions of the great economic and political powers. We hope that the sister country will be able to find democratic, peaceful and civilized formulas to avoid a senseless bloodshed. In the same way as we bet that the Colombian people will not allow their hopes of peace and democracy to be snatched away.

We are against exploitation, corruption, abuse and deceit. That's why we rely on your wisdom to face the great challenges awaiting us in this new path. Our America is one people, and we will win. For life, for nature, for justice, for a human and dignified future.

Last modified on Saturday, 22 July 2017 16:05