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Julián Subverso is a guerrilla combatant from the Block Efraín Guzmán and member of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP 
Saturday, 17 October 2015 00:00

Death in Gaza: Another genocide right under our nose

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Written by: Juli?n Subverso, member of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP


Among many conflicts, atrocities and barbarism imposed by hegemonic capitalism, perhaps one of the most dramatic, long and cruel of them is the brutal and ruthless Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people.

A barbaric act of ruthless extermination in broad daylight, right under the nose of the whole world and with the complicity of the majority of the world's governments. The Zionist attack is disproportionate, unfair and totally barbaric against a population that with the years has been reduced, decimated, divided, displaced and made prisoners in their own land.


Gaza is a territory of about 360 square kilometers, where 1.8 million Palestinians live, since the occupation by Israel of their territory in 1967, in the worst economic conditions possible for a human being. Dominated by Israeli Zionism and terrorism that with each attack has further decimated the Palestinian population and virtually left them without food or water, defenseless, without tanks or planes, much less without the bombs that Israel launched against them, they have resisted heroically from being banished or exterminated from their own territory in an absolutely unequal war, launched by Israel, sponsored by the US and the complicity of the EU and other indirect or direct actors such as the case of Egypt, against the Palestinian people, leaving thousands of dead, almost all civilians. These include thousands of children who, since 1987, from the first Intifada to the current military operation Cast Lead, have been killed by the Israel army  and nowadays exceed the number of 1446 children killed in the conflict. Only the attack of July 8, 2014 left more than 2,200 Palestinians dead and thousands injured.

It is in the historical behavior of imperialism based on the law of the strongest and the necessary suffering for the weak, that we can find a pattern in the acts that have occurred since the middle of the last century in Palestinian territory. Only those with historical amnesia could percrive this as an isolated or sudden attack of a military power like Israel against a surrounded people struggling to preserve their territory in which historically they have developed their culture and their commerce.

It is not an isolated attack, because this is only the top of the iceberg of permanent fences, displacement and violations of dignity, international conventions and International Humanitarian Law. The barbaric magnitude of the attacks by Israel has made the media, mostly controlled by the global hegemony that supports the Jewish nation, broadcast what is happening today in the Palestinian territories; it was impossible to hide such heinous crimes anymore without being signaled as direct accomplices. However, those same media have taken advantage of the current situation to promote imperial Israeli actions as acts of self-defense and a reasonable expansion against "HAMAS terrorism" and the negligible Arab population, guilty of supporting it.


They weren't sudden attacks either, because since 1948 Israel has developed various operations to remove and displace Palestinians, taking control of their natural resources such as water and oil. The systematic and gradual elimination of the population has been accompanied by illegal settlements in violation of Resolution 660 of the UN, which are increasingly frequent and massive, fencing and dividing the territory. In this sense, the population of Gaza has suffered the worst part; their existence today is so precarious that it depends exclusively on international charity for its survival; and yet, that little help is controlled, restricted and virtually nullified at will by Israel, who does not only destroy hospitals (of 32 hospitals in the region, 10 have already been closed and another 11 were affected by the attacks), schools, hydrolectic power stations, leaving the population without light or water, but also restricts the passage of trucks carrying food and medicine into Gaza, to such an extent that the UN Security Council declared that Gaza will no longer be habitable within 5 years.

And finally, it is not a solitary act, because although some correspondents and unwary local journalists think this is done without the Yankee consent, it is clear to those who understand the imperial logic and have historical memory, that these terrorist actions are supported not only by the USA, but also with the complicity of the European Union. Regarding the above, it is well known that the Israeli military not only attack with weapons and technology almost all from USA, but that its ideological discourse is supported by the imperial doctrine, too. It is no secret that since the 70s, both the US and Israel have opposed a political solution and the creation and recognition of a Palestinian state, or one Arab-Jewish nation that could share the territory, either as one State or separately each with its own political system. The important thing here is that a political solution is possible, but that the imperial hegemony will never allow such a solution, because the violent way leaves them more benefits than negotiating the distribution of a land and some resources they want to own completely by themselves.


Despite the efforts that have been made by many countries, voting in the UN in favor of a political solution to the conflict, it seems that the only really important and valid vote is the United States who, as we have said, has repeatedly opposed to a peaceful solution; supporting, by act or omission, the actions of the most radical Israeli leaders, who have even tried to get the Palestinians recognized as ?fried chickens?, meaning that Palestinians could call their community as they wish or do what they wanted, provided that they wouldn't disturb its imperialist purposes; that is, they don't have any rights but to disappear from the territory that needed by Zionist interests, in order to achieve its ambitions.

The Israeli aggression is a strategic and tactical procedure to finish off with the Arab population that is still living in Gaza through economic strangulation, slow death or displacement of people due to the lack of  health, basic services for life, education and security; these are all strategies used by the United States of America in many countries to destroy or deter all those who oppose to its imperial and exploitative policies, as we have stated in previous writings.

After the Second World War, during the Nuremberg trials, the Nazi invasion was tried like the worst of crimes, because according to those trials, the occupation of a country is the worst crime that exists. Moreover, international conventions state that the population living as refugees or in protection by one or more other countries, falls under the responsibility of that country or those countries that occupy that specific territory, whether that be a "preventive attack" or the alleged ?duty to protect?. Both the first and the second proposition have been violated and purposely forgotten by attacker countries, who consider their occupation as a legitimate political act of self-defense against HAMAS' terrorism, Palestinian organization which was legitimately and democratically chosen by the people, defeating the candidate of the corrupt Palestinian Authority preferred by imperialism and arousing the fury of Tel Aviv and Washington that after the elections decided to violently attack the Palestinian population once more, because of its opposition to their dark interests.

Some have compared Gaza with a big prison, with the difference that in a prison there's medical care, food and some recreation, while the Palestinian people are being surrounded and their basic means of survival have been robbed. So while Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is considering to give carte blanche to its security forces to open fire on Palestinian children who throw stones to the Israeli occupying army, while the EU turns a blind eye and the USA approves this genocide, hiding itself behind a non-existent neutrality, the Palestinian people are resisting heroically in the world's largest open air prison, against the extermination of their population and culture and the seizure of their territory.

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