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Julián Subverso is a guerrilla combatant from the Block Efraín Guzmán and member of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP 
Thursday, 03 September 2015 00:00

Destabilization, an imperialist weapon

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Today, there is a lot of news on TV about the situation in Venezuela. They say that in Venezuela there are crimes, shortage of basic items, violence, that there's no freedom of speech, that there are innocent people in jail, that there's no democracy, and other biased news to make people believe that socialism, not only in Venezuela, but in all countries, is something old, obsolete and doomed to failure.


One of the capitalist tools to destabilize a country is the media, their media to control the information, to provide people biased information, lies and to make them think the way they want them to. Global media groups like PRISA and PLANETA control, as franchises, many tv channels and among them almost all the most watched news channels in South America; not all, because there are independent channels like Telesur, but a large majority is co-opted by hegemonic interests, even more, they were created by those interests to make them prevail.

But there is not only the media attacks to change or even create public opinion; we also have economic destabilization, by hiding basic products in storages in order to produce shortage, the smuggling of any kind of product, etc. Besides other attacks against the stability and security of the society by promoting violence, crimes, people's inconformity, but that inconformity is based on a biased information that shows people a fake world in order to bring about a counterrevolution.

These plans to destroy the government of a country that doesn't want to accept the terms and condictions of global imperialism, headed by the USA, are and were carried out in diferent countries and at different moments. The destabilization by the media were carried out in the defanct Soviet Union for example through radio stations like Liberty, also, in Cuba and are permanently held in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Peru, etc, to maintain the status quo. As it was told, among these practices to defeat an opposition government, many terrorists groups were formed and armed as paramilitary groups to kill, displace and disappear people, sow terror and open the doors to the exploitation of multinationals, large landowners and drug traffickers, in the case of Colombia. All these practices were strategies to destroy an opposition country economically, politically and socially. This was done in Salvador Allende's Chile, in Central America, in Vietnam, in Afganistan, in Cuba, in Irak and in many other countries, currently in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc.

For example, in Colombia, the paramilitaries were formed, settled and consolidated by the colombian oligarchy with the support and advice of the USA, both economically and military, to carried out what they called "taking away the water from the fish" in order to commit massacres, displace people and eliminate all the guerrilla friends and supporters; in the majority of cases this was done without real evidence or based on rumours. This practice of organized and armed people to kill and to sow terror was carried out in all Central America in the 80's by the CIA member Jhon Negroponte who sowed terror and pain with his death squads, paramilitaries groups created for the "contra". Today, these awful practices are still alive in Colombia and Mexico and they are being exported to Venezuela as part of this whole destabilization strategy.


Thus, with regard to the situation on the border with Venezuela, the media, controlled by those who hold power, have distracted the attention of colombians from the true problems that exist in Colombia today, focus them on the "evil Venezuelan government" and make them forget that in Colombia there are more than five million of displaced people, paramilitarism is still alive; inequality, corruption; and all that, without mentioning that colombians are about 70% of the total number of migrants in Venezuela and that 40% of our illegal emigrants are living in Venezuela and Ecuador.

This way, the USA carried out many campaigns to stigmatize the socialist project, to make people think, through its misinforming media, that the real problem is inside the socialist system, and the only way to finish with the problems and the economic crisis, which, of course, they show more serious than it really is, is completely destroying socialism and return to capitalsm. They want us to forget all the achievements of socialism and its ideas; they want us to forget all the good and great things from socialism, its achievements in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc, in which poverty, hunger, illiteracy, inequality, exploitation and oppression, have been significantly reduced and in some cases even eliminated.

Thus, USA and its allies try, through what is called a soft stroke, a fourth generation warfare - including dirty war methods -, destabilization and low-intensity warfare, to overthrow those governments that deny to accept the terms of capitalism.

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