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Julián Subverso is a guerrilla combatant from the Block Efraín Guzmán and member of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP 
Friday, 14 August 2015 00:00

Thinking about Peace

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Sometimes it seemed that to change this society, so that we wouldn't be just numbers anymore in our class enemy's instrumental statistics, but a real opponent, so that history would lead a man like comandante Manuel Marulanda to build a strong popular power from below and fight, often only with the force of moral, against enemies who have infinitely greater resources, was impossible;

but since the invincible power of consciousness took humans out of their caves and turned them into men and women, there was no turning back, all there is left is the struggle in order to make the sun and the light of socialism elucidate the shadows, and to convince all men that it is possible that their opinions about their life, the world around them, society, are really taken into account, which means that they are the ones who create and control their existence and that they're not simple witnesses.


I always wanted to know Cuba, Havana and its socialism. So when I was on the plane that took the peace delegates to Cuba, I couldn?t stop thinking that my dream about knowing Cuba while Fidel Castro was alive had come true. But I also recalled the people I had left there in Colombia. Hours earlier, I had been watching them from the helicopter, as they got smaller and smaller and I realized that I couldn?t let their hopes and dreams of a different Country vanish as well. All the contrary, the hope for change, for real political participation, the hope for peace, not only for the guerrillas, but above all, for the exploited majorities, should grow even more until becoming a reality.


While Colombia got lost in an oil painting of blues and whites, where the sea and the sky came together in an almost endless landscape, interrupted only by fields of clouds that cut the horizon in two, lit by a sun that only gave way to the night at about nine o'clock, I thought about what many comrades and compa?eros, those who have always supported us, those for whom we fight, but who - at the same time - have been exploited, killed and excluded by the ones who rule this country, told me: ?Do your best, we need peace, the people need peace, but peace with social justice?.

We have understood since a long time ago, as Lenin said, that the abstract practice of peace is a ruse to fool the exploited and only a real, concrete peace, with transformations based on the truth and selfless struggle to make it prevail, will lead us to change, because the truth is liberating. That's why, based on our just struggle for the welfare of over 30 million poor people in Colombia, we will move forward, either as we have done during these 51 years of struggle, or through the path of dialogue and arguments as we are trying to do at this moment, because if we are sure about something, it is that we have the reason on our side and the historical certainty that the truth can be hidden, distorted, or imprisoned, but it can never be killed.


And it`s precisely with this certainty that large segments of the excluded and neglected Colombian population have placed their trust and hope on our proposals for peace and change, on our project, and on every one of us. Therefore, the responsibility for those traveling to Cuba is huge and momentous. We knew it once we landed in Havana. That great diversity of people who know us, appreciate us and identify with us, who support and sympathize with our struggle which -we reiterate- is the struggle for the interests of the oppressed in Colombia, rely on our effort and we?ll work tirelessly to obtain a better future for the great majority of the nation.


Thus, under a warm and clear night at the Jos? Mart? airport, that is, Jos? Mart?, not the name of some mediocre and corrupt politician, or an uncritical  and stateless General or a servile and lackey oligarch, but a Cuban and Latin American hero, and to meet the other peace delegates from the FARC, we were led to the place where people work tirelessly, where the nights are short and days are long, where the hope for necessary transformations is present and where, as time passes, we feel the absolute conviction that in the ideas and arguments, battle will be as tough and strong as in the jungle, in order to find true peace; peace as a synthesis of the elimination of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and lack of health care, that is, everything that has caused the war in Colombia. In short, peace and social justice on which the people in the villages and jungles of Colombia insisted so much. 

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