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Simanca Judith Herrera, known inside the FARC as 'Victoria Sandino', is one of the 12 women interviewed for the book 'Women: peace, politics and power', recently published by Ediciones Aurora.

Written by Victoria Sandino Palmera; Taken from: mujerfariana.org

Although the eighties are known in Latin America as ?The Lost Decade?, they were not necessarily so for Colombia, where the decade brought some welcome popular victories and -- despite the suffering brought by massacres and acts of political genocide -- this was the decade during which more women than at any time before or since joined the ranks of the FARC-EP.

By Victoria Sandino Palmera, Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP.

Building peace with social justice must be assumed from a gender perspective, and the conditions of Colombian women in different spaces of society must be established. This way, we can guarantee that all points discussed and agreed at the Peace Talks will contain initiatives to overcome historical inequalities and inequities in this area.

Thursday, 24 October 2013 00:00

Women, Peace requires your participation

It's important to say that building a stable and long-lasting peace requires an effective gender equity in Colombia. There are many factors of the national situation that negatively influence the possibilities for women to fully develop their capabilities.