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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Friday, 23 February 2018 00:00

Colombia sends messages of hope

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Gabriel Ángel

At the beginning of this week the third meeting took place between leaders of the FARC party and the representatives of 30 of the families that were victims of the attack on El Nogal club 15 years ago.

The media recorded the meeting, unable to hide the deeply human nature of it, characterized by deep shared feelings of pain, reconciliation and forgiveness.

The declarations of several representatives of the victims, who recognize and appreciate the gesture of the former guerrilla leaders, are moving in their greatness of soul. For them, who felt in the depths of their being, even in their bodies, the wounds of such a terrible event, knowing the truth has become a real healing.

That is why they demand what corresponds to the government of the time and the paramilitary groups. They feel and know that the FARC has done its part. They have been able to converse, exchange, understand the reasons of others. And against any manifestation of hatred and retaliation, they have freely and spontaneously granted their forgiveness.

There is no shortage of those who label the encounter as one of theatrical representation and syndrome of anything. Our country is sadly like that. There are groups and people who cannot understand paths other than those of poisoning and killing. Each time they speak or write, they distill the same purpose: to create scandal, set fire, sow and feed problems.

More than rejection, I believe that the permanent incitements to revenge and the use of brute force generate in Colombia a real disgust among an increasing number of its citizens. No longer alone among the left with its classic admonitions of peace, no. Is that the speeches of the extreme right, in any of its variants, just  smell of filth.

And obviously they disgust a growing percentage of compatriots. It is true that the most grotesque fundamentalism exists. It is enough to hear for example Mr. Ordoñez or read or José Obdulio. Anyone who expresses in a tweet or a state their affections for reconciliation, is the immediate object of the lowest insults. There are those who enjoy vilifying, threatening, insulting.

Those who feel important for a minute, because they have managed to invent the dirtiest slander or create the most despicable of phrases. One wonders how such individuals will be in their personal and social life. We easily understand that such characters cannot arouse affection or general solidarity, however noisy they may be. They are on their way to defeat.

There are limits that a society, no matter how affected it may be by consumerism and mediatic alienation, does not allow to be crossed. Good sense and common sense play a decisive role in the end. At the end of the day we all have sons and daughters, mothers, brothers, neighbours, partners. We cannot lead them to chaos because of our madness.

Paradoxically, the most aggressive, the most hostile to any form of understanding, those who only see violence in the road, those supporting insidious attitudes and stoning, the most prone to the lynching of their adversaries, are those who most spice up their discourse with the fear of chaos that would arise should the pacifists to enter government and have access to power.

Regardless of the economic, social or political situations of societies like Cuba or Venezuela, it is of the utmost importance to turn our eyes to the chaos within which Colombian society is struggling today, with murders and political persecution, the degrees of corruption, the power of the mafias and the shortcomings supported by the majorities.

In addition to the dangerous level of violence in its most diverse manifestations. There is unbridled crime, insecurity, bands of all kinds, to which we want to add today the brawl and the confrontation for political reasons. And what is more unfortunate, the stubbornness in the attacks by insurgent residues that still persist.

The Colombian society is tired of the bloody methods, it detests the spectacles of blood, the attacks that do not lead to anything, the fear embedded in the threatened populations. Nobody who dedicates himself to that will get affection, even though in his mental confusion creates and preaches it. The only thing that matters today is the search for peace.

For that reason, the fans who on behalf of some alleged FARC, who only exist in their delirious heads, spread through the networks new calls to war, based on the most ridiculous imputations, are losing their time. Their language old of half a century is nothing but pity. Whoever inspires and incites them, only demonstrates absolute blindness and insanity.

We are with a Colombia that dreams of a different path to that of resentment and retaliation.
That Colombia that sends messages of hope, that advances smiling against  terror.

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