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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 00:00

We side with peace, against hatred and violence

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Gabriel Angel

The mass media have dedicated themselves to reporting about the boos and spontaneous whistles of the people, in protest against the presence of Timochenko in one place or another. Reading such articles, when you have been permanently in the caravan that accompanies the FARC candidate, arouses a certain feeling of bitterness, not to mention indignation.

This habit of referring in general to people who say “this and that” or do “such and such”, is usually the skillful resource of those who attribute their own thoughts or desires to others. I heard Senator Uribe say that the origin of the protest was that people did not understand how some people who had not even appeared before the courts for the crimes committed, could actually make politics.

These words immediately became the argument of the media, who apparently were so convinced, that they dedicated themselves to repeating them again and again. None registers that what begins with boos and whistles promoted by a few provocateurs, previously arranged in the social networks, quickly raises their aggressiveness ending up in open violence.

To say booing and whistling, to begin with, is to color with romanticism the enraged expression of the lowest insults, which are being shouted by the four or five most aggressive individuals of the group that gathers in the places where the FARC campaign is present. The vulgar, even obscene character of their angry harangues speaks little of their peaceful intention.

Their spontaneous condition is also ruled out from the start. Uribe characters on twitter and whatsapp groups are responsible for preparing and summoning others to come forward and use violence. In the case of Yumbo, they had even agreed to present themselves in black shirts, except some warned that this would have prevented them from mixing among the crowd, so they decided to dress in ordinary clothes.

While Juanes with his song was responsible for demystifying the fascist character of the black shirt, no one can deny that invite to wear that garment to appear, sabotage and violate a left political demonstration, shows the mindset and intentions of its promoters. I do not want to allude to well-known historical episodes.

I heard the angry ask things like “where are the millions of displaced by the FARC”, or “where were the 25,000 disappeared by them”. One does not know what happens in this country, where the Historical Memory Center, an official entity, showed that barely more than two percent of those events could be attributed to the insurgency, but nobody seems to know.

Because precisely those media so prone to attack the FARC, have no interest in spreading the truth. The military forces, the police, the paramilitary groups, the criminal gangs, bear responsibility for the overwhelming majority of human rights violations in the war that just ended.

Another claimed that his grandfather had been killed by the FARC. If it were for that, there are thousands and thousands of Colombians who were murdered in the most cowardly and bloodthirsty way by their relatives, without for that reason going, armed with stones, rods and insults, to attack the political acts of the right wing. The “false positives” of the Uribe era alone would be sufficient to reduce them into “porridge”.

But that is not the logic of the party of the rose. Timo expressed it very clearly in the district of Aguas Blancas, Cali, where a community of neighbors welcomed his presence. We are for reconciliation, we do not want hatred or violence, we will not respond in the same way. In Colombia we have to learn to respect and live with difference.

“Semana” dedicated a chronicle to Juan José Malvehy García, candidate to the Chamber for el Valle, endorsed by the Democratic Center, who alleged that he had spontaneously decided to present himself with a microphone that was given to him. The photographs in which he appears with the black shirts, and coordinating the acts of violence presented, are responsible for denying his saying.

Iván Márquez denounced the instigation of Senator Ernesto Macías against the FARC campaign in Caquetá and NC Noticias published the audio of the sinister character in which Herbin Hoyos ended up becoming. You have to see how the leaders of the Democratic Center celebrate in their profiles, each of the acts of aggression against our party. It is paradoxical that they call us violent.

So far there are a lot of broken glass, the union headquarters where the presentation of Timo in Yumbo was canceled yesterday was shattered, a girl of twelve years and several adults were beaten by fanatics.
More than half a dozens are the cars of the UNP that have been affected by the violence.
Full of joy, the provocateurs and their propagandists announce more.

Can Colombia allow that class of characters to rule us again? Let's not be assholes.

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