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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Monday, 05 February 2018 15:52

Fanatism in Armenia, who benefits from it?

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This is my personal impression on what happened the other day in Armenia. I think that to a large extent what happened is a reflection of the poisoning that has been done to the country.

For a moment I remembered the results of the plebiscite on October 2, 2016. Incredible as it may seem, it is as if we lived in a territory where violence and hatred were the main motivations of its citizens.

In what kind of monsters have a large number of Colombians transformed into? It surprises that in turn they consider themselves the representatives of decency, of the most respectable and healthiest. When their words and actions are reduced to hurling abuse, attacking and mistreating in the most irrational way. If it were in their hands, they would tear apart the object of their recriminations, they would drink its blood, they would devour its entrails like hyenas.

One has the impression that the horrendous massacres committed by paramilitarism years ago, as well as the crimes that occur daily throughout the national territory, represent actions worthy of celebration for them. They shout it out loud, they long for it. Surely, much more that the economic and social scale, there are those who rejoice to have planted so much dementia that assures them the quiet enjoyment of their ill-gotten fortunes.

But who can make it understand to that fanatic mass? The truth is, I guess how other lands have arrived to the extreme of Islamic fundamentalism. Undoubtedly similar powers, using religion, have managed to turn into ruthless murderers children, youth and adults, who do not consider beheading hundreds of their congeners as despicable. Here we are at the edge of that: this is was what I saw the other day in Armenia.

There were women and men shouting with evident resentment, that the Agreements of Havana were a farce, a dirty thing, the least similar to peace.

They insulted Timo, the guerrillas, President Santos, the left, all those kneeling talking about reconciliation. Their eyes, their gestures, their attitudes, all indicated that they were about to throw themselves en masse on their prey.

They lacked the slightest sanity, they were possessed by the most visceral hatred.

What do they want ? One wonder. The war to go on, with they burden of dead, mutilated, bombings, spilled blood?

Have they ever been to combat? Do they know what is experienced in the midst of the horror of fire?

I'm sure they haven’t, they just want it ardently for others. Because they have been led to believe that treating others like rats, like cockroaches that have to be crushed, is more human and builds a better society.

The other day I saw with my eyes the brutality of fascism, the raging blindness of apparently normal people, who will then come home to change the their babies’ nappy or make love to their women. The same as the Nazis who cheered the Fuhrer, without realizing the abyss he was leading his people to, his country and even the whole of humanity. I think that most citizens in our country should open their eyes, those who only look and let others do.

It is not the FARC party that the provocateurs and the mass that they agitate hate.

It's the rest of the people who are not like them.

In their opinion they do not deserve to exist, there must be no place for them in this wonderful world that they have to defend.

I saw poor people, beggars, beings broken down by society, hurling insults against peace and social justice in Colombia, as if it were not the established order that led them into their situation.

I perceived in some media the desire for sensationalism, publishing without hiding the curiosity and intimate satisfaction, that the people of Armenia booed and stoned the Timochenko van. Indeed things weren’t exactly like that: many citizens came to meet the candidate and shook his hands, encouraged him to continue, expressed their support despite everything, congratulated him for his struggle. There were women who lived it with intense emotion.

There we were, in the midst of the growing hostility promoted by agitators who obviously were not spontaneous. Waving our flags, smiling, responding with silence to the quarrelsome voices, inviting to respect the difference, to build a country in peace founded on tolerance.

It is assumed that democracy is to let everyone defends his/her program and that people decide in the polls who are the winner and the loser.

It is the least that could be expected. But in Colombia that does not happen.

By some atavism instilled in the soul of many people, very well exploited by select groups of the most intransigent elite, democracy and liberties consist of an exclusive space for the few, who impose their ideas by force and proscribe different thought.

The only possible democracy is their government, obedience blind to its saying, while the rest only deserves death.

As if the consequence of similar way of thinking would not have been a half a century war and its more than eight million victims.

One can not understand how media and websites that pose as democrats lend themselves to a similar game.

The FARC ended the war, there was a historic Peace Agreement to make Colombia a better country.

Timo is a brave man, he goes out with his people to show his face and to speak differently.

That, in my opinion, is what should be highlighted. The fact that there are Colombian who are friends of dialogue, of civilized solutions, of forgiveness and reconciliation.

And that they are fighting a crusade against hatred, violence and contempt.

That they put their safety and even their lives at risk, not in the mountains with a rifle in their hands, but in the cities, talking quietly with the people.

That is to do homeland, the rest is destruction, it is madness, it is hell.

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