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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Saturday, 27 January 2018 08:37

A Plan and a Criminal Force

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An insurgent force fightings the State for more than half a century, which has to its credit an indeterminate number of combatants killed, crippled or disappeared because of the war, and to which an indeterminate number of casualties in the opposite ranks are also attributed, sign the peace, first of all, so that there are no more dead.

No more dead from either of the opposing sides. Those who dedicate themselves to counting this, affirm that one year after the end of the armed conflict more than 3000 lives have been saved because of the absence of confrontation. Neither soldiers, nor police, nor agents of intelligence or security of the State have fallen again under the fire of the FARC

However, although it is fair to acknowledge that the public forces ceased any hostility against the guerrillas who left their weapons, what is happening in the country gives the impression that although the bloodshed of state agents came to an end, the same thing does not happen with the lives of the former guerrillas, their militia, their supporters in rural areas.

The new FARC party denounces that there are already 36 dead in a violent way among the reincorporated former guerrillas. To these we must add the relatives of others former fighters, and the scandalous figure of more than a hundred social and popular leaders murdered in different regions of the country. It means that the State does not fulfill its basic duty to guarantee the life of its citizens.

Someone said that the Havana Agreements did not contain anything that was not already contemplated in the National Constitution, that in them the State simply reaffirmed its commitment to comply with a series of obligations, which it had always disregarded. I do not dare to say that it is indeed so, but in what it does about the right to life is certainly so.

We have heard the most diverse arguments to dismiss the idea that there is indeed a systematic persecution against the members of our People’s Alternative and Revolutionary Force Party. Let's review some of them, leaving aside the skirts affair to which the Minister of Defense referred pathetically, on an unlucky day for him.

Those killed are boys who, at their own risk, have left the Territorial Spaces for Training and Reincorporation - ETCR, without any kind of police protection, and who have gone to visit their families in areas of high risk, where they are known there is the presence of groups outside the law, not to mention paramilitary groups. That is, they died as naive.

Or it is about boys who, disillusioned with the realities derived from the slow process of reincorporation, resolved to marginalize themselves from the ETCR and link themselves to individual activities that are not very holy. Some would have looked for bands linked to drug trafficking, illegal mining or other activities. Their violent deaths are then due to internal fights. Bad luck.

Others thought that by signing the peace and laying down their arms, any reason for concern about their safety would be over, and they resolved to marginalize themselves from the process and the ETCR in order to carry on an independent life, like any countryman who came to an area looking for work. They could have fallen into fights or at the hands of those resentful with the FARC. They were over confident.

For the sake of debate, we could accept that some deaths may have occurred due to these or similar causes. Everything is in the vineyard of the Lord, as they say. But if we examine some of the most recent murders, we will conclude that something is very wrong. Wilmar Asprilla and Ángel de Jesús Montoya, were murdered in Peque, after having held a political meeting.

They promoted the candidacy of Wilmar Cartagena Durango to the Chamber for Antioquia. Three days later, a commission of members of the FARC Party was ambushed in the La Bodega del Oasis sector in the Municipality of Arauquita. All left unharmed, although there was exchange of shots with the group of bodyguards. The car in which they were traveling was incinerated.

Last Tuesday we were notified that some hitmen murdered comrade Jacobo Cristian Camilo, former political prisoner of FARC Occidente, organizer and political manager of Afro and indigenous communities in northern Cauca. Threats against ours and their headquarters in the Pacific area have been denounced. In Quibdó the House of the Common was attacked this week.

In Medellín, Aracelly Cañaveral and Wilson López, two militants of our party, have been threatened with death by the Gaitanista Autodefensas de Colombia.

It happens daily in one part of the country and another. It is evident that easy excuses begin to be over.

There is a plan and some criminal forces that the State must recognize and defeat. That is what they have committed to.

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