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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Saturday, 02 December 2017 12:34

It’s not a social class, it’s a class of people

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The country and abroad the letters of Timochenko to the UN Secretary General, President Santos and the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court were published. They reveal the alarm of his party for the pressing issues of the implementation of the Havana Agreements. The legal incorporation of the agreed texts became a real ordeal.

From the beginning we pointed out the government's negligence in relation to the constitutional and legal reform projects that were required for the Agreements to become legal norms. The weeks and months passed without them being discussed in the Chambers, as if the time to do so was eternal.

As agreed in Havana, the texts to be submitted would be prepared by the Monitoring, Impulse, Implementation and Verification Commission, CSIVI, with the purpose that both parties agreed that the proposal fully corresponded to the agreements signed. Despite this, the Government began to move away more and more from what had been agreed.

Our protests became more and more frequent. In the Cartagena conclave, in March of this year, the government insisted that although it was true that the Agreement on the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-repetition was a fact, it was necessary to have the acquiescence of the Attorney General to avoid later clashes.

The reforms to the Constitution and the laws would be more agile and effective with his approval. The issue of guarantees for the life and integrity of former combatants and social and popular leaders was also pending, for which purpose the special investigative unit for the crimes of paramilitarism had to be created, something it was better to harmonise with the Prosecutor Office.

From that moment on everything became more complex, indeed a sort of renegotiation. The stubbornness of the Prosecutor began to play a nefarious role in order to prevent the good course of projects in Congress. Until today, the aforementioned special unit has not been established yet. And both the country and the international community are witnessing the problems with the JEP.

With the passing of days another great difficulty became evident, or the Prosecutor had enormous political influence in the parliament, or in the shadow of his close opposition bordering on sabotage, voices began to emerge with more freedom in Senate and House, whose declared objective was not other than to prevent the implementation of what was agreed in Havana.

So it was not only the lords of Uribismo, bitter enemies of peace in the country, opposed from the beginning to the political solution, and obsessed with returning to the days of war, but congressmen from other political currents, even from their own U, actually got into new suits when it came to implementation. Talks strongly begun about the jam.

Apparently the votes in the two chambers began to have a price on prebends by the government. And the passing of time, which brought the political campaigns closer to the Congress and the Presidency, was undermining legislative support for the executive's projects. To all that we have had to face the defenders of the political solution and peace.

So far we could talk about the negligence of the Government, the Mr. Attorney's bad temper and electoral interests and personal ambitions in Congress. A dangerous cocktail, but in the end nothing new in the country that we had to live in. The novelty that comes to join the attack against the Agreements is the position of the Constitutional Court, which decides to mutilate them on its own.

Passing even over its own ruling a few weeks ago, according to which the three branches of public power had the obligation to respect what was agreed in Havana. So being things, the new political party born of the peace talks, even though it is small and just about loaded with hope, is compelled to confront the whole Establishment united in order to annihilate it.

And it start doing so with surprising vitality. The letters sent last week by the President of the party show that the FARC is not going to surrender as its opponents think. There will be no instance to which we will not go to in order to guarantee compliance with the agreement. The Security Council of the UN, the ICC, the Inter-American Court, Switzerland, guarantor countries, etc.

And it will seek to mobilise the country that dreams of peace. In a process of rising, without violence, resorting only to the word.
What leads Colombia is not a social class, but a class of false, deceitful, ambitious, cynical people.

We deserve a different people, sincere, honest, oblivious to the compromise, ordinary people.
We are willing to find it.

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