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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Thursday, 16 November 2017 08:27

We’ll have congressmen and we’ll vote Timo for President

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Last Tuesday, the meeting of the National Political Council of our party, FARC, had a very pleasant interruption.

Two of the members of our national leadership had left an hour earlier, in order to attend another urgent meeting, with the head of the UN Mission in Colombia, Jean Arnault, and the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for political matters  Jeffrey Feltam, who were sent by the Secretary General.

The high international officials had as their task to listen to the leadership of our party regarding the developments and obstacles of the implementation process of the Havana Agreements, and after listening carefully to their findings and learning that the National Political Council was in session, they decided to attend this meeting with the purpose of transmitting the greeting of the Secretary General of the UN and in turn expressing the mission's task.

The unexpected visit of the important people was received enthusiastically by the members of the CPN. Due to language difficulties, Mr. Feltam preferred Mr. Arnault to speak, and his words were simultaneously translated by his translator. They kindly proceeded to explain that the next day they would meet with the President of the Republic to talk about the same issue, the implementation of the Agreements.

His presentation was brief and concise. The international community had a real interest in the development of the peace process and its successful completion, for which the fulfillment of what was agreed upon by the Colombian State was fundamental. In his opinion, the FARC had complied sacredly with each of its commitments, and it was time for its counterpart to also demonstrate its will in such a delicate matter.

As Mr. Arnault explained, with the affirmative movement of the head of his companion, the United Nations Organization was deeply committed to the outcome of the peace process. For them the consolidation of the process necessarily had to pass through the political participation of the FARC in the electoral elections of 2018, the full guarantees for the life and integrity of the ex-combatants and for their adequate reincorporation.

The international community was not willing to let the good faith of our organization be in any way mocked. That's why they were in Colombia. Such an expression of support could not but arouse an emotional applause from our people. Just the day before our Party had received another momentous news, the exclusion of the FARC from the list of terrorist organizations by the European Union.

This declaration had also been a consequence of the recognized seriousness of our movement in the fulfillment of all the agreed commitments. So the members of the FARC feel we have enough moral authority to complain about the maneuvers that right-wing sectors in the Congress of the Republic, the Attorney General's Office and some members of the high courts are doing to mutilate the commitment of the State.

It is unprecedented that the same Congress of the Republic that endorsed the Agreements and issued the constitutional reforms that incorporated the Special Jurisdiction for Peace and the political participation of former combatants to the Colombian juridical order, intended in the issuance of the corresponding laws, to make invalid the constitutional reforms. Likewise they also would like to see the Court that just sentenced that the Agreements could not be modified, act in the opposite direction.

We are in the right, we have no doubt of it. Any additional requirement to that established in the Agreements, which seeks to leave out the FARC or its leaders from full participation in the elections of 2018, constitutes a flagrant violation of the agreement.
The same, for example, applies to the alleged incorporation of absurd inabilities and incompatibilities aimed at preventing the nomination of the judges chosen for the JEP.

Our political force communicated at the beginning of this month to the country and the world, the names of those who will lead our lists to the Senate of the Republic and the House of Representatives, in full accordance with the Havana Agreement. In the same way, it has announced that our candidate to the Presidency will be Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry, Timo, and Dr. Imelda Daza Cotes to the Vice Presidency, an excellent example of the Colombian woman.

That announcement was enough to make a great part of the Establishment tremble with fear.
Hence they prepared to forge the grossest violation of what was agreed in Havana.

We’ll go on as planned, we left arms because we were guaranteed the full exercise of our political rights.
They solemnly gave us their word. And we’ll reclaim it.

We will have congressmen. And we will vote for Timo and Imelda on May 27.

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