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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Wednesday, 27 April 2016 14:39

The importance of the agreement on paramilitarism

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Of the issues under discussion in Havana, although the national government, the ultramontainous right and the mainstream media did not highlight it, the most important for its content and significance is that related to paramilitarism and security guarantees.

It is in this issue that the key to peace and war in Colombia lies. The more than five decades old armed conflict has as its ultimate origin the political crime used from the scenes of power, as well as the astonishing impunity it has enjoyed.

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The FARC have said it in many ways, with paramilitarism there is no peace. While the government side and extreme right sectors the assumed position is surprising, there is no paramilitarism, it is a nonexistent phenomenon, an invoked ghost.

So no wonder the difficulty to reach a satisfactory agreement on this matter. For the leftish country and the country of social struggles paramilitarism is not only a permanent threat, but a reality that comes alive every day. Something which must cease once and for all.

That's why the inhabitants of rural areas largely influenced by the guerrillas ask daily to commissions they met with, what will happen to them when the FARC would abandon weapons and the paramilitaries will enter to kill them.

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Who will come to their defense? The army? The police? But if everyone knows that the paramilitaries have always enjoyed their support. Should they simply trust that because the FARC would sign a peace agreement with the government, the paramilitary action will end?

This is where what I said at the beginning comes into play. The long list of agreements and commitments unfulfilled by the State will have to stop this time. From the Negotiation Table should come the absolute certainty that the paramilitary phenomenon will definitely disappear from Colombia.

And that has to become an unchangeable reality. No more killings of leaders or social and political leaders: this is something that has to be abolished forever in our country. The condemnation of such practices should be widespread and overwhelming.

If one of these were to happen, the reaction of the State and society would have to be exemplary. Those responsible must be identified as soon as possible and brought to justice regardless of their economic or political influence.

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The State could not dodge its responsibility in this matter. Because the whole world will be committed to the fulfillment of the agreement. It’s like this, literally. There will be no repetition of the history of the villagers who believed the word of the viceroy. The commitment will involve us all.

The reintegrated guerrillas, clearly, but also the whole Colombian society, the international community, the CELAC, UNASUR, the UN, governments like the United States and the most representative of the European Union. The issue will be serious.

Colombia, as a nation, as a State, will acquire the inescapable commitment to ensure full guarantees to political opposition, the popular social and political movements, their leaders and activists. With monitoring and international verification, not lip service.

This is what peace is about. And that is why the agreement on security and guarantees, which is part of the point on the end of the conflict, has taken so long to be sealed. The concerns held by many people are perfectly valid, and the Negotiation Table should seriously taking them into consideration.

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Perhaps, for the first time in our history, with the whole world committed to the compliance with this point, we will feel that we finally live in a civilized country. We will have to make great efforts for reconciliation, but at least we will no longer kill each other.

Only then respect for the institutions and authorities will begin to occur. Because really they provide safety and security to all. Their current disrepute is due to the fact that they always sought to impose their credibility by force, just because, but this was not the way it should be.

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