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Carlos Antonio Lozada is head of the Technical Subcommission of the FARC-EP and member of its national Secretariat.

Cabezote 2016 English

Havana, Cuba, site of the peace talks, June 25, 2016.

The FARC-EP were surprised when we learned about the rushed opinions of the Ministry of Defense on the size of the Transitory Areas of Normalisation and Camps, while the technical sub-commission, which continues meetings in Havana, has not yet agreed particularly on the size of the eight camps.

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Monday, 25 April 2016 14:58

La Macarena, Peace Territory

The national outrage because of the decision of the National Authority of Environmental Licenses (ANLA) to grant the company HUPECOL a licence to exploit an oil block in the Special Management Area of La Macarena (AMEN), which forced the national government to subsequently revoke it, demonstrates the validity and the urgency of profoundly addressing the debate on the economic model that we, Colombians, want for our country.

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Different social organisations and movements of victims and human rights, made a general call today to get mobilised for peace on the 9th of April. The march will leave from the Historical Memory Center and end up at the Plaza de Bolívar in the center of Bogotá. 

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Havana, Cuba - Comandante Carlos Antonio Lozada expressed today the concerns of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP about the repression that has been unleashed against those comrades in prison who participated in the hunger strike. He specifically mentioned the prisons of Picota, Popay?n, Santander and Jamund?. 

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