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Carlos Antonio Lozada is head of the Technical Subcommission of the FARC-EP and member of its national Secretariat.

NC Noticias, the news channel of the FARC-EP's Peace Delegation in Havana, interviewed Enrique Santiago, legal advisor for the FARC-EP at the peace talks, about the FARC's recent proposal for popular consultation.

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Report from Havana, 19 November 2015


The FARC-EP, represented by Iv?n M?rquez, spoke today on occasion of the third anniversary of the start of the peace talks in 2012. Besides praising the role played by Cuba, Venezuela, Norway and Chile, he highlighted the achievements that have been made in these three years, which he resumed in 9 main agreements:

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FARC-EP tells Congressmen it doesn?t agree with legislative act

?The best mechanism of countersignature is a Constituent Assembly?

Havana, Cuba - During a meeting of several hours with a delegation of Colombian congressmen, the FARC-EP expressed its rejection of mechanisms such as the Legislative Act currently presented in the Senate, insisting that "the mechanism of countersignature that we should adopt at the peace talks is that of the Constituent Assembly or the combination Referendum-Constituent Assembly".

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Friday, 15 May 2015 00:00

Why the Constituent Assembly

The proposal of the inter-agency committee of the judicial branch, composed of the Prosecutor and the Presidents of the high courts, to convene a constituent assembly dealing with the reform of Justice, provoked a series of reactions for and against the initiative.

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Report from Havana, Cuba: April 14, 2015

?Let?s not talk of de-escalation; let?s talk about bilateral ceasefire": Jes?s Santrich

"If there will be, some day, an international tribunal to judge Colombia, because of what they always say about Colombia, that it is a violent country, a drug trafficker country, sentenced to eternal violence, I will testify that it isn?t; that is a loving, joyful country which deserves a better fate?.

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APRIL 9: #MarchForPeace in Colombia

At the beginning of round 35 of talks between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP, the insurgent Comandante Pablo Catatumbo referred this morning Friday 10 April to the mass mobilization in major Colombian cities yesterday in support of Peace, a bilateral ceasefire and the National Constituent Assembly.

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Saturday, 21 March 2015 00:00

FARC-EP wonders: How to believe in justice?

Report from Havana, Cuba - March 21, 2015

"Only a National Constituent Assembly can change the justice system"

In Colombia there is a corruption scandal going on in the Constitutional Court regarding one of its judges, Jorge Pretelt. He is being accused of influence-peddling and his wife has to respond for possible crimes related to a land property, claimed by victims of paramilitary groups.

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Projects that course in Congress and go against the agreements must be suspended

The FARC-EP presented today another series of initiatives at the Conversation Table to ensure the rights of victims. By mouth of Jes?s Santrich, the insurgency proposed what they called" immediate and preventive actions of non repetition?, among which are the following:

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Taken from: www.colombiareports.co

Contrary to claims, the FARC-EP is a political organization. Especially for our opponents, this is important to recognize because it?s the denial of our purpose that has kept us in arms for this long.

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

?Without justice reform, there won't be democracy?

FARC agree with recent statements by Justice Minister Alfonso G?mez M?ndez

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