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Thursday, 02 November 2017 03:00

FARC present candidates list at 2018 elections

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The recognition by the National Electoral Council of the rightful personality of the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Party, FARC, represents an event of great significance for the peace process, for it enables the formal conditions for political participation of those who had been raised in arms.

As of today, we enter fully into the political contest of 2018 with our own candidates for the Presidency and the Congress of the Republic. The common people and all those who dream of a new homeland will have their own representation and will have a political alternative to contest the presidency.

We take the step into the legal political struggle in a context in which the great majority of people wait to finally pass the page of the war with the implementation of the Havana Agreements and the achievement of a peace agreement with the ELN.

Good people hope to end the corruption that impoverishes the country; they also demand the reorientation of the economic model to allow the recovery of productive capacity, the dignification of work and attention to the most urgent needs of the population in the areas of education, health, housing, social security, culture and infrastructure, and the definitive eradication of hunger and poverty in our country.

Let’s listen to the voice of those who live in the territories of deep Colombia, to our peasants, ethnic peoples and rural communities in general, who today rightly demonstrate across the length and breadth of the national geography for the just causes of well-being and good living. May they, with the humble men and women of urban centers, received recognition and attention to their problems.

All these purposes will have greater possibilities if they can be translated and materialized in the broadest effort of unity for a great national convergence by a transition government, with a majority representation in Congress.

For this, we are offering our total readiness for political dialogue. We are convinced that the times are brewing to turn the hopes of ordinary people into reality.

At this difficult moment in the implementation of the agreements, we hope that the Congress of the Republic would have the historical stature to design the minimum requirements that respond to a normative process faithful to the spirit of the agreements to take forward the political reform, the definition of the implementation framework, and comprehensive rural reform that is being threatened by a government land bill that disrupts what was agreed in Havana.

We demand the Congress and all the institutions of the state to stick strictly to what has been sentenced by the Constitutional Court and stop changing, even in a comma, the Final Peace Agreement.

In order to prevent further changes there should be no space for the perfidy and treason to prosper.

We announce that our candidate for the presidency of the Republic will be Rodrigo Londoño Echeverry, Timochenko, who will be accompanied by Imelda Daza Cote as a candidate for the Vice Presidency.

We will present a list to the Senate of the Republic.

The first candidates are: Iván Márquez, Pablo Catatumbo, Carlos Antonio Lozada, Victoria Sandino, Sandra Ramírez and Benkos Biojó.

We will present our own list for the House of Representatives including the following names: Bogotá D.C., Byron Yepes; Antioquia, Olmedo Ruíz; Valle del Cauca, Marco León Calarcá; Atlantic, Jesus Santrich; Santander, Jairo Quintero.

In the other regions we will support candidates of social and democratic convergence, programmatically committed to the implementation of the agreements and the social and popular needs of the respective territories.

In any case, we express our willingness to dialogue with all social political forces and movements for the creation of unitary lists, always considering the definition of common programmatic purposes.

National Patriotic Council - FARC

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