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Saturday, 17 September 2016 00:00

What is the National Guerrilla Conference?

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What is the National Guerrilla Conference?

The Conference of the FARC-EP is the highest guerrillas’ authority to which each and every guerrilla of any grade and rank must submit. In the Conference all issues are discussed on the basis of thesis, the study of current phenomena affecting Colombian society.

On this basis conclusions are made, to know what needs to be done, how the revolutionary process can advance, how the confrontation of military order and also necessarily political order is going to develop.

The FARC-EP are governed for their political and military activity by the conclusions of their National Conference, by its Regulations, Statutes, Rules of Command and the guidelines adopted by the Conference’s Strategic Plan.

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How many Conferences have been held?

To date nine Conferences have been held. The one taking place between 17 and 23 of September 2016 will be the Tenth Conference.

    ⊙ First Conference - 1965

The First Guerrilla Conference of Marquetalia and other guerrilla fronts took place by the end of 1965.
The movement became known as "BLOCK SUR", as it was located south of the department of Tolima.
One of the main issues was how to ensure the Movement’s continuity.

    ⊙ Second Conference - 1966

By late 1966 the South Block created in the Duda region the REVOLUTIONARY ARMED FORCES OF COLOMBIA.

Always acting as mobile guerrillas they decided to spread to other areas. Raised at this conference are the guidelines that will convert the movement into a greater mass, education, propaganda and finance organization. This Conference resulted in the creation of three commands led by Ciro Trujillo, Joselo Lozada and Carmelo Lopez.

    ⊙ Third Conference

New tactics of struggle as well as a balance of what happened so far were discussed at this Conference. A national ideological training school for the study of "preventive war" and the people's war was established.

    ⊙ Fourth Conference

Held soon after the previous one, it provided a balance which included a new reorganisation of the entire Central High Command.

    ⊙ Fifth Conference - 1974

Held in 1974, it offered a new balance arising from new conditions.

    ⊙ Sixth Conference - 1978

This was one of the most proficuous Conferences. It was conducted between 18 and 26 January 1978. Five months of intense debate and analysis studied the steps to follow.
A Revolutionary Army was created. Here also arose the need to move the guerrilla areas to a clandestine organization of political activity.
The Secretariat of the Central High Command, which had been operating from the Plenary of Staff January 1973, was definitively and permanently established from this moment on.

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    ⊙ Seventh Conference - 1983
The Conference decided to implement a new military operation method. The guerrillas would engage in offensive operations, not just in defensive (ambush) tactics, and they would start to attack in small groups, on all flanks, among other changes.

    ⊙ Eighth Conference - 1993
Among other documents this Conference approved the Political Declaration called “New Government to Achieve Peace”. Also the Platform for a New Government of National Reconciliation and Reconstruction was established. Its first point read: Political solution to the social and armed conflict in Colombia.

    ⊙ Ninth Conference - 2007
Among other documents the Conference approved the Political Declaration called “For the New Colombia, the great nation and socialism!”

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Who and how many are delegates?

The Conference will be attended by some 200 delegates, among them 29 members of the Central High Command, plus delegates of the various structures at national level, democratically elected in the guerrilla assemblies.
The conference will also be attended by 50 international and national guests.

Why is the X Guerrilla Conference so important?

This will be the first time in which a Guerrilla Conference is carried out in a public manner due to the political and security guarantees established between the National Government and the FARC-EP in the context of the Final Peace Agreement that has been reached.
This Conference will trace the route of the FARC-EP in the new political and social scenario that Peace implies; New forms of action, political agenda and proposals to the Colombian society as a legally established political party are important topics of discussion, as well, the path to follow in the implementation of agreements and the transition of the organization into a new stage of the political struggle.


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