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Saturday, 19 November 2016 00:00

Communities report on killings of two FARC members

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Just a few days passed from the signing of the new Peace Agreement in Havana and in Colombia only this week four civil society leaders have been killed, while last week, two members of the FARC were killed by the army.

In relation to these killings, the Tripartite Monitoring and Verification Mechanism is carrying out its investigation whose results are due soon.

In the meantime the Association of Agroecological and Mining Brotherhoods of Guamocó (Aheramigua), together with the communities of the village of El Golfo, municipality of Santa Rosa in Bolívar South, have carried out their own investigation on the killings.

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They set up their own verification commission to establish what happened on November 13, 2016 when two FARC-EP guerrillas were murdered and a third captured by members of the V Brigade of the National Army operating in the region.
The commission was in communication with the president of the communal Action Board of the El Golfo.

Here the facts, according to testimonies.

In the Golfo, in a place known as the "Y" there are two family houses that are business, with shops for food consumption, lodging and warehouses to store merchandise and motorcycles.

On Sunday, November 13, in one of the houses were four men, two women and two children (one of just 40 days) and whose mother is a minor. The people in the house witnessed the murder of two FARC insurgents and the capture of a third.

The citizens say that at approximately 1:30 pm, "Joaco" was talking on his mobile phone when he suddenly fell to the floor. The shot he received was only slightly perceived. At that moment, "Mónica" bent to see what had happened to him and she was also shot and remained on the ground.

The people present here realized they are the target of snipers. Army members were about 30 to 40 meters from where the guerrillas were and fired two blasts into the air. The third insurgent who was coming to the house was captured by the Army, and ordered him to lie face down, hands on his neck.

In the middle of the situation, there was a minor who lives in the second house, who witnessed the events.
For his part, the sniper aimed at a man who was coming to the site, insulted him and told him to throw himself on the floor. Faced with this order, the man said that he was a civilian. This man was the father of the newborn child.

The members of the army entered the houses, insulting the families, insulting the people, asking for numbers of id cards, took the inhabitants' tracks and telephone numbers, and carried out an enumeration action.

At four o'clock in the afternoon a helicopter arrived, from which three policemen got off, went to the house. Meanwhile, a soldier asked for a rope to measure from where the corpses were to the corner of the house.

Approximately at 12:30 am, the bodies were lifted.

The three insurgents had short weapons. An army member approached the captured guerrilla and said something to him and gave him food.

Villagers also point out that some of the soldiers had been seen days earlier, dressed in civilian clothes, buying things at the scene and watching television in the house.

Source: Prensa Rural

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