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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP


The International Committee of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP) shares the deep pain and indignation of our sister organization, the Communist Party of Mexico, for the assassination of our comrades Raymundo Vel?squez Florez, Samuel Vargas and Miguel, exemplary agrarian leaders of the State of Guerrero.

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Internationalist solidarity with the Communist Party of Mexico
The Continental Bolivarian Movement strongly condemns the premeditated terrorist attack to our Mexican Communists brothers. Last Saturday, on August 3, three revolutionary comrades, FIR communists and Larsez peasant activists, were tortured and killed. They were travelling from the state of Morelos to Guerrero, in order to organize peasants in struggle and resistance against capitalism and big landowners.

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FARC-EP propose democratization of media in Colombia

The Peace Delegation, represented today by Marcole?n Calarc?, member of the Central High Command of the FARC-EP, started recalling the important Battle of Boyac?, on the 7th of August 1819, exactly 194 years ago, which sealed Colombia?s independence from the Spanish. Commander Marcole?n reminded us of the fact that the establishment of the second and final independence is an unresolved and urgent task for all Colombian and Latin American people. At the same time, he used the opportunity to honor those killed in this long war for independence.
As usually, they demanded the presence of their comrade Sim?n Trinidad at the peace talks.

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Do ?Peace Accords? Lead to Peace, Justice and Security for the People? (Lessons from El Salvador for the Columbian FARC)

Written by James Petras

?In Memory of Manuel Marulanda, Farabundo Marti and Augusto Sandino

Introduction: It is commonly assumed that ?peace agreements? between pro-US rightwing regimes and leftwing insurgents lead to peace, justice and greater security.

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Communiqu?: Captured North-American soldier Kevin Scott Sutay?

The Secretariat of the Central High Command of the FARC-EP informs to the national and international public opinion that on June 20, 2013 in the municipality Retorno, Guaviare, was captured the American soldier Kevin Scott Sutay, born in the city of New York, according to the passport no. 488667176, issued on February 3, 2012, he had with him when he was detained by guerrilla units.

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July 18th 2013: FARC considers "out of place" intention to close UN office in Colombia
source: http://www.telesurtv.net

The delegation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), present in Havana, said that it is "out of place" to consider the possibility of closing the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the Organization United Nations in Colombia.
"After the events in Catatumbo (northeast), the proposal Santos made to close the UN office is out of place," wrote the delegation in their Twitter account.
Spokesmen of the movement criticized the statements made by President Santos on Tuesday that his country doesn?t need human rights offices of the United Nations anymore.
?Colombia has advanced far enough to say we don?t need human rights offices of the United Nations in our country anymore" said the president.
In response to this approach, members of the FARC referred to peasant protests that began in the Catatumbo region, 37 days ago, and have resulted in clashes between protesters and security forces, with four dead and dozens of injured peasants.
"To ask the UN office to leave, is to ignore the reality of Colombia", added the FARC, as quoted by the news agency EFE.
The office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN condemned the police response in Catatumbo and considered that there was excessive use of force, while the government described such statements as "irresponsible and reckless" when the Attorney has not yet clarified how these deaths occurred.
The High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, is visiting Colombia this week and will meet Santos and other officials, so it is expected that there will be more information about the Colombian government's decision on the future of the country?s office.
The rejection of statements by Santos had more reactions from NGOs such as Human Rights Watch and Somos Defensores.
Somos Defensores, comprising 99 platforms on peace and human rights, expressed concern in a statement, noting that "there is no reason to fear the UN presence in Colombia", wishing the mandate of that office to be "renewed fully and for as long as necessary".
For his part, the director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch, Jos? Miguel Vivanco, said Santos should take into account the possible consequences of this decision.


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18 July 2013: The delegations of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP) and the Colombian Government agreed to start the peace talks again on July 28th .

Source: Prensa Latina

In a joint statement released today, both parties informed of the new date, for the reopening of the talks was scheduled for the 22nd of that month, as reported by the two parts at the end of the eleventh round on the 9th of July.
After the exchange of proposals on the second point of the agenda (political participation), the FARC-EP and the government have worked separately on the first sub point, reads the statement.

The two delegations started with the issue of guarantees for the exercise of the opposition, "as an essential element for the construction of a final agreement that helps to build the foundation for a stable and lasting peace and to strengthen democracy".

The agenda of the peace talks, which began last November, also includes the land question (already discussed) and political participation, attention to victims, the drug problem and the end of the armed conflict.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013 00:00

What about the FARC?

What is the FARC-EP?

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ? People?s Army is a political-military organization, Colombian insurgency, proudly subversives. We don?t have anything to do with delinquency or banditry.

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