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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 13:43

FARC: We are the Hope for those who dream of a new Colombia

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With the inscription of this list of the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force, of candidates to the Senate of the Republic, the march of hope begins for those who always dreamed of a Colombia, without internal war, with inclusion, that is, with true democracy.

With a decent life for all, that is, with social justice. Without corrupt people who, like leeches, continue sucking the people to their soul. Without congressmen accustomed not to think about the people but to their own benefit and who hold a hypocritical speech when referring to the victims. This is how it should be. This is our hope.

Let's make the sacred pact of all Colombians against the impunity of the powerful, of those who abuse people and humiliate them entrenched in public offices, who run over human rights, who do not care about hunger or lack of shelter, nor of lack of education, or anything of the terrible sufferings of the excluded. The end of the privilege of those oligarchic groups who have always had at their disposal judges and prosecutors who protect them against all the crimes they commit. This is how it should be. This is our hope.

We want to rescue from the fog of history, the vibrato of the voice of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán to cry out in the puberty of this 21st century: Colombian people, charge! For the moral restoration of the Republic, charge! We seek to integrate, because we have the strength to do so, a new government that enforces the rights of the poor, without deception, always respecting their dignity, and that works for everyone and not for a handful of sacred cows.

Let justice be for all and not only to crush those of poncho and espadrille. Let’s education reach all children and youth of Colombia. We should distribute education so that the most disadvantaged can fight against inequality.

Let’s the country's sovereignty walk upright before the powers of the world claiming a treatment of equality and respect, and at the same time dispensing the affectionate brotherly wink to neighboring peoples.

Compatriots, we know of your concern and worry at the failure to comply with substantive aspects of the peace agreement signed in Havana, because of the way in which some legislators destroyed what was agreed and turned it into pieces under the stimulus of rulings that do not take into account the international commitments taken by the government of Colombia upon depositing them both in Geneva, as a Special Agreement, and in New York as a State unilateral declaration. What good would it do to peace in Colombia, to the high international bodies that helped to build the agreement, a pronouncement from the International Court of Justice on the scope of a unilateral declaration of State. The agreements are to be fulfilled as the word of the cockfighting trainers is fulfilled.

Of course we have not come here to mourn on the wall of lamentations. We have come to tell the Colombian people that hope is still alive, that we will have a future if we join our forces in a sonorous flood that breaks through all the cardinal points of the country submerging it with justice and a good government that takes into account the people.

“United we will be strong and we will deserve respect; divided and isolated, we will perish”. We can achieve that the natural riches of this country, while generating profits for investors, make available the necessary resources to get the country out of poverty, asserting our status as owners of common property. For this we need honest people in the Government, in the chambers of Congress and in high magistracies. No posters or looting of public finances. All for the well-being of Colombians.

Come with us, because our discourse is different, pure and clean, and stripped of demagogy, that demagogy which had us fed up. No one other than ourselves can make a just government, of the people and for the people.

With the alternative force and with the red rose we all carry in our hearts, we can make a different government out of the verdict of democracy. A transitional government that implements the Havana peace agreements. Nobody but us Colombians from all the party can make the Comprehensive Rural Reform a reality, titling the land to the peasants, improving the living conditions in the countryside, establishing true democracy, without electoral traps, without rotten money from companies and corrupt businessmen who buy everything with silver, even power itself.
A Comprehensive system of truth justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition, all aimed at repairing the victims, placing the emphasis on Truth, that truth that would be able to heal even the deepest of wound.
Let’s the commitments of legal guarantees and respect for human rights, including economic, social and cultural rights, be fulfilled, those commitments the ruling elites never recognize. Let’s respect the word pledged to the Swiss government and the United Nations.

We will have a future, because we will be the force of change and the peaceful transformation of this country. Colombia can change. It has to change.

The list that we present today for the attention of our compatriots of the city and the countryside, and of the exiles, is made up of all the wishes of society.

We trust in the transforming power of the united wills.

The sovereign has the floor.

National Political Council - FARC

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