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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 15:01 Written by 
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For a little more than two weeks, the violent and dark hand of the extreme right, in its many forms and provenances, have been wandering through the south-west of Colombia.

Then, on the night of Friday, October 20, it returned to Valle del Cauca and in Cali, where there was an attempt to take the life of Omar Romero Diaz, one of the leaders in the region.

The rapid reaction of the escort team of the CUT leader prevented the long hand of terror from fulfilling its mission, but the new attack can not remain in impunity, as has happened with thousands of similar events in the history of Colombia and the State has a duty to respond.

 The attack on Romero Díaz, a lawyer and leader of the Union of Workers of Construction Materials Industry, Sutimac, in Yumbo, is a warning bell, as a communiqué had recently been issued by one of the paramilitary groups active in the country making threats against advisers of the Patriotic Union, movement of which Romero is a member, as he is a member of the Colombian Communist Party.

From time to time we know of lists compiled by criminal gang, as most paramilitary groups are now called, which through threat attempt to discourage social struggles and alternative proposals, especially after the abandonment of weapons by the FARC-EP and their conversion into legal political party.

The situation in the southwestern region of the country is particularly disturbing because of the series of crimes that occurred on Thursday, October 5, when a police command killed seven farmers in the Alto Mira region, Tumaco: a massacre that the Government of Juan Manuel Santos continues to deny with high cynicism.

Then, on October 8, the indigenous journalist Efigenia Vásquez Astudillo was murdered in actions attributed to the police by the community claiming the right to land in Coconuco, department of Cauca.

On Sunday 15 October, according to the testimony given to Pazfico Noticias by René Hertz, leader of the Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation 'Aldemar Galán' of Policarpa, Nariño, another massacre occurred in which six former FARC-EP guerrillas were killed.

The killings occurred in the jurisdiction of Isupí, San José de Tapaje, municipality of El Charco, at the hands of a criminal gang.

Shortly thereafter, on Tuesday, October 17, the murder of José Jair Cortes, a well-known and charismatic leader of Alto Mira, was carried out in Tumaco. Cortes together with the community council of which he was a member had demanded punishment against those responsible for the massacre committed by the Police twelve days earlier, in Tumaco.

On Wednesday, October 18, reached us the terrible news of the killings of Alirio and Geovanny Zabala, father and son, of the Awá community settled in the rural zone of Tumaco and activists of the same one.

According to the testimony given to Pazífico Noticias by Javier Cortés, leader of the Awá Indigenous People, Alirio Zabala had been the victim of another attack two years ago, in which two of his children were killed. 

Several more crimes have been committed against social activists in Villa Rica, Corinto, Miranda and other municipalities in Cauca, the most recent of which is that against Berenice Tovar in Guachené.

And on Saturday, October 21, the murder of former guerrilla Henry Meneses Ruiz, in Miranda, Cauca, was reported.

In the rest of the country, the situation is no less worrying and is evidenced by the crimes committed against Patricia Cataño, leader of Medellin's Commune 13; Liliana Astrid Ramírez, teacher and union leader of Tolima, and Eliécer Carvajal, a social activist in the department of Putumayo.

So far this year, 120 popular leaders have been killed by paramilitaries and agents of the extreme right across the country, while the number of murdered former guerrillas and their families is approaching half a hundred.

Compiled with news from: http://prensarural.org/spip/spip.php?article22240

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