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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Tuesday, 03 October 2017 16:24

Discrepancies are to be resolved within the CSIVI, not the press 

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In order to reach a final peace agreement between actors who had been at war for more than 50 years, it was essential to generate a minimum trust at the talks table and establish effective mechanisms of work, away from the controversy and the media scandal, a method of work quite different from the one that is characterizing Mr. Rivera, accustomed to communicate his concerns or criticism to the press before that to his interlocutors.

Among other factors of concern for the FARC-EP, since the arrival of Rivera, the CSIVI has slowed down its work until its practical paralysis, and the High Commissioner has not agreed to hold a single bilateral meeting with the representatives of the FARC in that organ of implementation, an indispensable methodology to solve the many problems that affect the construction of the peace in these moments.

In these days we are surprised to the media scandal organized by the successive statements to the press of Mr. Rivera regarding the alleged “intruders” in the peace process, a scandal that clearly includes the construction of a media matrix that seems destined not to fix problems and discrepancies, but only to judicialize the representatives of the FARC or turn them into a "target of high strategic value", as when he was Minister of Defense.

This confusion between competences, of old and current political responsibilities, does not help to build peace at all. We respectfully suggest to Rodrigo Rivera that he transfer his views to the FARC at work meetings, not through the media.

In the lists of members of the FARC jointly developed by the National Government and FARC working teams, which today include more than 14,000 people, there is no “intruders” for the simple reason that these lists are not concluded or closed, but immersed in a complex process of elaboration and verification that began when the Talks Table still existed and that will not conclude "until the legal situation of all FARC members has been examined by the Amnesty and pardon Court of the JEP" as stated literally on page 296 of the Final Agreement and on Article 26 of law 1820 of 2016.

The parties to the peace process were always aware of the immense challenge of organizing a detailed and faithful list of all members of an organization that has been in hiding for more than 50 years, in which, for obvious reasons, there has been no a centralized file of members, but instead links of any person with the organization were established through an extensive network of intermediate cadres in each Front or Bloc, many of whom have died during the war that we have now finished.

Therefore, a Technical Committee was established by mutual agreement with the mission to analyse any doubts that arose before the definitive inclusion of any person in the list. It is in this Technical Committee and in the CSIVI, and not before the press, where the doubts and discrepancies that exist on the people included in the lists are clarified, the opposite is simply bad faith.

If Rivera intends to convert the complex process of drawing up the lists into an indictment before a Prosecutor accustomed to obstruct the peace process, he should be aware that in Colombian law there is civil and criminal liability for both action and omission, in this case omission of verification by the part that has at its disposal the immense resources of a well-nourished State of intelligence and information agencies and officials.

Long before Rivera arrived at the Office of the High Commissioner until today, the FARC, on its own initiative and after complex internal checks, have excluded from the lists in preparation more than 1,100 people, 80% of the cases without previous objection by the Government to its inclusion.
In addition, in any case where the Government has expressed doubts about the inclusion of any person, the FARC have proceeded to analyse in detail the governmental objections and have share with the Government the information that led them to believe that the person in question was part of the organization, thus contrasting any existing contradictory information.

That is, a method of mutual collaboration, transparency and rigor, based on bilateral trust, that Mr. Rivera is dynamiting day by day with a way of working lacking any discretion when dealing with complex situations. A form of work that does not help to create trust in the peace process within the citizens and that constantly places in the headlines of the media the accusation, reproach and mistrust rather than emphasising the limited progress made in the implementation process.
Why does the National Government act objectively discrediting the peace process and therefore against the interests of the whole country?

If Mr. Rivera believes that each name being studied in the Technical Commission or by the parties is an “intruder”, the logical conclusion is that it is better to dissolve the aforementioned working commission and resort to other methods of verification exempt from controversy and reproach, such as the constitution of an independent commission to analyse each party's allegations about the inclusion or exclusion of a person in the list and to decide in equity.
This proposal has already been formulated by the FARC-EP on several occasions to the OACP without it being accepted as of today.

We want to send a message of tranquility to Colombian society. Unlike what happened in the process of demobilisation of the AUC, where whole blocks of paramilitaries sold themselves into the drug trade and organised crime before the complaisant and permissive look of the State, the FARC is the most interested party in clearing the most minimal shadow of doubt about the credibility of all the people who finally are included in the list.
No one more than the FARC-EP opposes any “intruder” in the lists. We call on the National Government to act in a serious and professional manner and to avoid provoking sterile controversies that damage the image of the peace process and that do not help neither the reconciliation nor the normalisation of a country weighed down by conflicts and corruption.

FARC component of the CSIVI

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