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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Tuesday, 03 October 2017 15:17

No more Threats - FARC Communiqué

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The National Political Council of the Common Revolutionary Alternative Force rejects the threats against the Legacy Foundation and the Juventud Rebelde organization, sent by electronic means on behalf of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, AUC.

The Legacy Foundation brings together young people, children and daughters and relatives of fallen or dead FARC-EP fighters, in the course of the long conflict that lasciled our homeland for more than 50 years, and aims to recover and maintain memory of these Colombians and Colombians who dedicated their lives to the noble cause of seeking a more just society for the new generations.

Juventud Rebelde, is a large organization of young people, committed to building a homeland in peace, democratic and with social justice. In that organization members of the Alternative Revolutionary Force of Colombia militate.

Since the signing of the peace agreement, 5 former combatants, 9 militiamen and 11 relatives of members of the FARC-EP have been murdered; for a total of 25 murders, until one of these crimes has been clarified so far by the Prosecutor's Office, which has been working to obstruct the commissioning of the Special Unit for the dismantlement of paramilitarism, to attack the peace process; and, in covering the scandals of corruption that affect directly, with media tricks.

We demand of the National Government, full guarantees that, within the framework of the signed peace agreements, these threats will not remain in impunity, given their seriousness; and the consequences it has for society, the fact that this way is attacked against the right of all Colombians to associate freely.

 As stated in the Agreement: "... security guarantees are a necessary condition to strengthen the construction of peace and coexistence, and in particular to ensure the implementation of the plans and programs agreed upon here, to ensure the protection of communities and community leaders, human rights defenders, parties and political and social movements, and especially the new movement or political party that emerges from the transit of the FARC-EP to legal political activity, as well as its members in the process of reincorporation into civilian life. "

Likewise: "The National Government shall guarantee the implementation of the necessary measures to intensify in an integral and effective manner the actions against the organizations and criminal conduct responsible for homicides and massacres that attack human rights defenders, social movements or movements political or threatening or threatening persons involved in the implementation of agreements and peacebuilding, including criminal organizations that have been designated as successors to paramilitaries and their support networks.

"Guarantees of Non-Repetition: the State will adopt measures to ensure the clarification of the paramilitary phenomenon, prevent its repetition and ensure the dismantling of criminal organizations and conducts responsible for killings and massacres, and systematic violence in particular against women, or against human rights defenders, social movements or political movements, or that threaten or threaten those who participate in the implementation of the agreements and the construction of peace. "

In these circumstances, we call for the immediate convening of an extraordinary meeting of the National Commission on Security Guarantees to report on the seriousness of the security situation affecting reintegrated combatants, their families, communities and the territories where the Territorial Areas of Reintegration and Training are located, as well as those where the FARC-EP has historically been present.

In the same way, we urge the international verification bodies: Former presidents Pepe Mujica, Felipe González; to the United Nations Special Political Verification Mission, which has as its mandate to verify political reincorporation, guarantees for the new party or political movement that arises from the transit of the FARC-EP to political life; in addition to economic and social integration; to take note of this ruling for what has to do with the functions assigned to them by the Agreement.

We call on all sectors of society, who long for peaceful coexistence for our country, to speak out and mobilize in defense of life, as a fundamental premise for stable and lasting peace.

May peace not cost us one more dead.

National Political Council.

Alternative Revolutionary Force of the Common.

Bogotá, October 2, 2017.

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