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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Friday, 23 December 2016 00:00

Public Report On Facts violating the BDCFH by Public Force

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The Command of the guerrilla units located at the Pre-grouping Point of the municipality of Vista Hermosa, Meta, inform the public opinion, the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism, the Guarantors and accompanying countries of the Process that in order to keep loyal to the commitment to peace, and in accordance with the protocols signed at La Havana, Cuba between the government of Colombia and the FARC-EP we have ceased fire and all kinds of hostilities, as was ordered by Comandante Timoleón. 

However, we should note that in the case of our area this has not been the case as far as the Military Forces are concerned; indeed the units of the Nacional Army operating in the area of Vista Hermosa have been violating the agreement on ceasefire and bilateral and definitive cessation of hostilities BDCFH with clear intention to create an environment of distrust opposed to the spirit of the agreements signed between the State and the insurgency of the FARC-EP.


On December 20, at 7:00 p.m., nine National Army troops moving on high-powered motorcycles (660) overcome the limits of the PPT with the aim of taking a member of the guerrilla units staying at the point, a fact that put the highly stretched the BDCFH. It is worth emphasizing the commitment of the guerrillas who were at the time of the episode in charge of security.

They had visual contact with these army personnel for about 2 hours refraining from opening fire, a fact that confirms our desire for peace. These acts are the result of a premeditated campaign that has gone on increase in recent days following the desertion of Jader Square, a member of the Military Forces who had remained as infiltrated for 2 years in the ranks of the FARC-EP, until December 18, 2016, day on which he was collected in the vicinity of the PPT by Army men based in Vista Hermosa. 

We denounce the constant calls to our units, to withdraw from the peace process, invitations made through telephone calls to guerrillas, their relatives and friends in order to demotivate them, bring them to desertion and betrayal as happened in the case of the guerrilla Laura who was picked up by an army noncommissioned officer operating in the Piñalito area; in the same way the constant provocations around the PPT area of Vista Hermosa, as happened last day 22 of November when a patrol of the XII brigade whose members were moving around hooded, intimidating residents of the area causing anxiety. Likewise we denounce the overflight of a military aircraft between 21:29 and 21:46, flying over the Pre-grouping point for a total of 7 times.

It is hard to understand how in this final stage in which it is sought to end a confrontation of more than 52 years still persist militarist sectors putting obstacles to the construction of the peace the Colombian people so much longs for. The guerrillas located in this Pre-grouping Point ratify their willingness to comply with the protocols and agreements signed in order to achieve peace with social justice, but we call on the State and particularly on the Military Forces to display an equal attitude.

Vista Hermosa, Meta.

December 22, 2016 
Block “Comandante Jorge Briceño” FARC-EP

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