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Timoleón Jiménez is the head of the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP and its Central High Command 
Friday, 25 October 2013 00:00

Unraveling Ideas (III)

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The ability to pervert the truth

The ideological domination, taking possession of millions of people to act in compliance with the interests of the masters, acquires vital importance for the ruling classes at this moment. Showing as true what is not and turn the ones who oppose them into monsters, becomes vital for them in order to perpetuate their profits.

That compulsion has motivated the elites to undertake a dangerous crusade against the peace process in Havana. When official spokesmen of the peace talks accuse the FARC of doing politics, because we frequently make statements about various aspects of the national situation, they are putting in evidence their outrage about the fact that another version of reality comes afloat.

Through a simple comparison between the contents of the General Agreement signed in Havana in August 2012 and the many proposals submitted by the FARC-EP during the Talks, our spokespeople showed to the world that none of our positions is outside of the agreement. The regime simply ignored the exercise.

Voices of the high government say that the delay in progress is due to our continuous surpassing the agreed Agenda, when in fact it is the other way around. The items of the agenda are addressed in the order that the parties agreed upon, and, for example, the issue of countersignature doesn't correspond yet. The government, however, wanted to impose at all costs, without success, the Referendum.

A specific item has been assigned for the issue of victims. However, even before arriving to that item, we are warned that the issue will be limited to the provisions of the legal framework for peace, a project that has been put forward by the government alone, without even asking our opinion. They want us to limit ourselves to the discussion about the penalties we have to pay.

If the Public Prosecutor's Office announced that one of the most difficult scenarios to deal with after a Final Agreement will be the dirty war against re-integrated insurgents, it is because their lives and possibilities to act politically are seriously threatened. Despite this, our insistence on full guarantees clashes with government taboos.

The consideration to veto certain matters is simply explained with the affirmation that they are not part of the Agenda, when it is well-known that the doctrine that inspires the existence and activity of the public force in our country, who considers political opponents as internal enemies, has been the backbone of the dirty war, paramilitarism and the countless crimes of state.

So it's not that true that the absence of specific agreements are because of our sly foolishness. We had already explained that this may rather correspond to the aspiration of the Establishment of conceiving the political solution as a cheap way to annihilate us definitely, to have free reign for implementing their neoliberal project.

But ok, it is legitimate for each party to arrive at the Table with its own aspirations, although we don't share them. It's exactly there, in a dialectic exchange, that we could find meeting points which might enable some degree of consensus, acceptable for both parties. Whenever there exists real willpower to agree and not impose.

It has become too obvious now that our dozens of proposals stumble upon the government's intolerance. To which we can also add a media campaign of immense proportions against us, inspired from the highest levels of government. Which starts with considering us inferior and deprived of any rights.

Which openly contradicts the rigorous protocol agreed upon with the national government since the first approaches. We are active political subjects, official and internationally recognized. The fact of permanently qualify us as terrorists, drug dealers, abusers, and other usurpers doesn't do any good to the environment of reconciliation.

So all this has to pursue a specific purpose, deliberately drawn by strategists of the regime and implemented by heart by its officials. Which cannot be other than to prepare the ground for a break-up, a fatal decision. Who knows if President Santos has considered the terrifying dimension of it. Not for us, but for the country who will be buried by it.

Every single day, after the seizure of some shipment of drugs, a senior officer of the army or the police shows up to ensure that it belonged to a Front of the FARC. This coincides with the presidential invitation before the UN to the FARC to change from band and join the task of eradicating illicit crops. So nobody in the world will have any doubt about our status of drug-traffickers.

Even if it is completely false. The gigantic campaign for re-integration, which even boasts about the ?ressure they put on the families of guerrilla combatants, a miserable tactic which involves kidnapping, torture and death threats against hundreds of innocent families, also spreads all kinds of meanness on the condition of female guerrilla combatants.

It seeks to raise awareness among many women's organizations fighting for just women's rights, so that the guerrilla becomes a permanent target of their complaints. To further keep the guerrilla away from any political influence over the population. The same happens with the charges on illegal mining and land robbery.

Issues where the elites do have specific interests, as noticed with the person who has been named in the ministry of agriculture, which demonstrates the falsity of all the kindness expressed by the President about the peasant issue. Santos and the mass media also know about our commitment to not withhold people for financial purposes.

But they don't lose opportunity to qualify us as kidnappers and untrustworthy, whenever a soldier, police or foreign suspect is subject to retention, without considering the fact that they may work to destroy entire guerrilla units. All the power to pervert the truth is applied by the dominant class just to prevent loss of their benefits.

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