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Tuesday, 03 October 2017 16:33

All against the FARC!

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Some Guillermo Rico Reyes, with an air of ultra-leftist, publishes on Facebook a post titled Thank you for nothing ... gentlemen of the FARC, about the freedom of Rito Alejo del Rio.

Simultaneously with the attack of the ultra-right against us for the naming of the Court of the JEP, justice they consider infamous, as described by Rafael Guarín in Semana, in a caustic note that suppurates hatred, Long live the JEP, comrade!

While the former condemns the FARC for being treacherous, having ended up serving the ultramontane interests of the paramilitary latifundio and the armed forces in agreeing to the JEP, the latter also condemns the FARC, but on the contrary, for having established a judicial system that will condemn without appeal the architects of democratic security. The condemnation of the FARC is the common element in both pieces.

The extremes come together, it is a wise lesson learned from history. For the show the uniform chorus against the FARC and the Habana Agreements. Ambassador Whitaker comes forward, with his own absurd interpretation of what was signed at the Colon Theater, forgetting that the United States Government had its special envoy on the Talks Table, and that John Kerry himself expressed his consent total.

The current ambassador revives old conceptions about the war against drugs, ignoring the agreement on the substitution of illicit crops, at a time when nobody believes that a single country can be condemned as responsible for the world narcotics trade. And again he returns to call the FARC “terrorists and drug traffickers”, in open opposition to realities accredited by the United Nations and its Security Council.

The slightest common sense testifies to the danger in which life and the planet are found as a consequence of the turns of the Trump administration. What his viceroy intends to set afire here is identical to the clash with Mexico around the famous wall. Or to the risk of nuclear confrontation with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Dementia actions that only mentally and socially misfit can applaud.

The ultra-right for its part is committed in its proposal of referendum to make void the Agreements. Everything is condemnable. Land reforms, democratic opening and political participation of the FARC and traditionally excluded sectors, the substitution of illicit crops, the end of the conflict, the abandonment of arms, the reincorporation of former guerrillas, but above all the Comprehensive System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and non-repetition.

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace has become its favorite target. They read in it the most serious attack on the ownership of their lands, a dangerous affront to their personal freedom, the most serious danger to their political project. It is horrified at the possibility of being called to accounts, at its members being constrained to confess the truth or pay long penalties. The ultra-right thus discharge all its bile and point its fierce artillery against the new Tribunal and its magistrates.

On the other hand, the Attorney General of the Nation, claiming a nonexistent majesty in the matter of judicial investigation, goes to claim the privileges that never has exerted such dependency in the country. The rates of impunity in Colombia are among the highest in the world, and criminal associations between investigators and mafias of all kinds are frequent scandals. When did the Attorney General want to investigate the links between employers and paramilitaries?

In contrast, in what way he is exposed by the imaginary violations of the agreement by the FARC, the search for inconsistencies in the Agreements, the possible pitfalls that can be done in the future. And how he opposes the persecution of the paramilitary phenomenon, the implementation of the special unit, the elite corps of persecution. Coinciding with his friends of Radical Change, the Democratic Center and the American ambassador, he wants to do it all shreds.

These days, a direct threat against the new FARC political party, which extends not only to its militants and leaders, but also to its collaborators, supporters, friends and relatives has begun to circulate through the networks.

The signatory is someone who calls itself AUC Capital Block, which they claim has revived to charge in blood the appearance of our political alternative. It is obvious that such events are a product of the environment generated by all those voices.
Those who believe that the victims of a violent onslaught will be the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force, while the rest of leftist, democratic, progressive or outgoing forces will leave unharmed, have no idea of what they say.

What is at stake in Colombia is the dilemma between a country in peace, tolerant, respectful of the opinion of others and in progress, and a country dominated by fear, death, persecution and backwardness.

Those who argue that State terrorism, national security doctrine, war and violence traditionally unleashed from power, are going to be disarticulated through armed resistance, totally ignore more than half a century of national history.
The most important and significant result achieved by the guerrilla struggle in Colombia is undoubtedly the Final Agreement signed between the Santos Government and the FARC-EP. For the simple reason that if this Agreement is implemented, the potential for awareness, organization, struggle and mobilization of the Colombian people as a whole will reach unprecedented levels of strength.
Only millions and millions of Colombians betting on peace and democracy, can produce profound changes in national life.
For that was the struggle, for the people to wake up, to act and to impose itself.

Continue betting on violence as a political weapon is outdated. That is precisely what the strategists of the imperial policy of the Pentagon and the brains of the Colombian right trust would happen.
War has always brought them enormous benefits, while the terror policies it facilitates allow them to remain paralysed by the fear of the masses that could precipitate a different country with their performance.
What is urgent today is to consolidate a democracy.

Rito Alejo del Rio came out of prison, like hundreds of other soldiers and guerrillas. But not to be declared innocent of all guilt, but to respond compulsorily to the JEP, where they must express the complete, exhaustive and detailed truth of the crimes against humanity that are imputed to them, or face losing any benefits and returning to prison to pay long sentences.
The empire and the right see it very clear, that's why their frontal rejection.

For the first time in Colombian, our American and world history, a tribunal completely independent of the established powers, with international legitimacy and respectability, will be responsible for judicially unraveling the truths of the conflict.

Things that will be uncovered there have no antecedents.
How would someone who professes to be a revolutionary think of attacking that historic option, even with greater disgust than the one displayed by the most rabid Uribe?

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