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  • At least two children wounded by Police in truck drivers protest

    The protest of transport workers and their families was violently repressed by members of ESMAD [the anti-riot unit of the National Police] Read More
  • MEPs request removal of the FARC-EP from terrorist organizations list

    Members of the European Parliament Mariana Guzmán and Lola Sánchez visited Havana, Cuba to get a first-hand approach to the Peace Process Read More
  • Joint Communiqué # 81

    The Gender Subcommittee concluded its work of review and incorporation of the gender approach in Read More
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News from Havana, Cuba
Everything about the agreements
Timeline of the Peace Talks
The dynamics of the talks
Communiqués from the FARC-EP
Communiqués FARC-EP and National Government
Communiqués UN, political prisoners and others sectors on the peace process
  • At least two children wounded by Read More
  • Prisoners in La Picota on peaceful Read More
  • Gold and misery in Colombia: The Read More
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More than half a century FARC-EP in pictures
The Havana peace process in pictures
What does the FARC-EP look like today?
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  • On the Peace Agreement in Colombia +

    Mark Burton is a Denver, Colorado attorney long involved the Read More
  • Pastor Alape: All FARC Structures are Preparing for Peace +

    How feasible it is to achieve peace considering neoparamilitares and Read More
  • Mining and Migration +

    The vast majority of Colombia's five million displaced people comes Read More
  • Interview with Ted Howell, Sinn Féin Representative +

    peace comes dropping slowly and that of course is a Read More
  • Pathways for revolution and socialism are still being explored +

    FARC-EP combatant and writer, Gabriel Angel takes on the criticism Read More
  • The "ghost" of El Caguán or the Gordian knots of Point 3 of the General Agreement +

    The expression “to cut the Gordian knot" refers to the Read More
  • Erdoğan’s New Turkey Project +

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is being called many things: Read More
  • A French woman in the FARC +

    Her nom de guerre is Nathalie Mistral, she is originally Read More
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